Health Care Management

Write a 5 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page). There are several tools to aid you in the Student Resources. Please access the Essay Outline and the document titled: “How to do a problem based case study.” There is also an APA template for you to use for your assignments. There is another document titled: “Analysis, or Synthesis, or Critical Evaluation Course Workbook.” You will not need to turn that document in but it will help you in completing your weekly assignments as well as the Final Research Paper. Please click here to view the criteria by which you will be assessed for the achievement of the CLO for this unit. Note that you need to conduct additional research to complete this assignment.


It is the responsibility of the HR department to review both existing and future labor needs of the organization. Workforce planning is the biannual or annual process of planning an organization’s future job openings at all levels. Workforce planning can be difficult due to the continued healthcare workforce shortages. As part of workforce planning, it is also necessary that the HR department assess rates for workforce shortages and internal workforce organizational changes due to employee turnover, layoffs, and any strategic changes. (Niles, 2013). As the HR Director, it is time for you to complete the annual process of planning for the organization’s future HR needs. Your first task is to discuss the 5 metrics listed in your textbook. Be sure to discuss how you will use each one in your review. Do you feel that any one is more predictive than the others? Secondly, identify and briefly discuss the 5 steps you can use to deal with any potential labor shortages you might uncover. Choose 2 of these steps to elaborate on as part of your process planning.

This analysis should be prepared as a Microsoft™ Word document, 5 pages in length. The document should be prepared consistent with the APA writing style (6th edition) and reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis and or evaluation).

You must have at least 2 scholarly references in addition to the textbook. You may also use one other reference (such as a government website or a professional publication or website). (Tip for searching the LIRN: Select the Subject Tab and select Health and Medical. Then use one of the sources such as “Health management Database” or Health & Medical” to conduct your search. Limit the search dates to articles after 2012 and preface your search parameters with “health care” before you put your weekly subjects in the search line. Check the boxes for peer reviewed articles and full text.) Consider whether any of your weekly research can be used in your final paper.