Health Changes In Functional Movement & Pathology’s Role In Health And Wellness.

PHT 1300 Pathology for the PTA

These essays are from your point of view. Use correct spelling and grammar. Essays must be typed and DOUBLE SPACED. Please respond to the following statements. Use information you have learned during this course to support your statement.

1. Explain how changes in health can affect functional movement. (FIRST ESSAY).

2. Describe the role pathology plays in an individual’s health and wellness. (SECOND ESSAY).

Plagiarism Level below 20%

PHT 1300 Pathology Essay Rubric

Structure & Composition 4 2 0 Max 20
Structure Essay includes a cover page an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Essay is missing one of the following: cover page, introduction, body, or conclusion. The essay has no apparent structure of paragraphs for introduction, body, or conclusion.  
Spelling/Grammar Essay is double-spaced with no spelling or grammar errors. Essay is double-spaced with 1-3 spelling or grammar errors Essay is not double-spaced or has 4 or more spelling and grammar errors  
Expression Essay is easy to read and to grasp author’s main points. Essay is moderately easy to read and to grasp the author’s main point. Essay is difficulty to read and to understand the author’s main points.  
Theme/Flow Essay addresses the central theme with unifying flow. The purpose of the essay are clear. The essay incorporates theme, but the purpose of the essay is unidentifiable. Essay is disjointed and the purpose of the essay is unclear.  


The body is made up of 2 or more pages. The body is made up of less than 2 pages. The body is one page or less.