Healthcare Policy Advocate


The DNP practice scholar has the skills, knowledge, experience, and ability to be a strong political advocate. Yet, despite this collective awareness, many nurses avoid becoming political engaged in health policy within the community and in some cases, within the organizations where they work.

This week, the focus was on understanding healthcare systems and the role of the DNP practice scholar as advocate for the patient, the community, and joining the national healthcare conversation. Reflect upon the development of your political competency and address the following:

1-Consider a time when you had the opportunity to become politically involved in an issue (at work or in your community). If you pursued the opportunity what were the results? If you did not, what were the reasons?

2-As you reflect on this week’s learning activities and your role as a practice scholar, discuss the area of your political competency that needs further development.

3-Review the Twitter feed, locate an interesting article or issue and share your thoughts on this issue with the class. ( I select this twitter:  Campaign For Action✔@Campaign4Action

Join @ANANursingWorld on 9/14 for its Policy, Innovation, and Advocacy Forum. Our own @WinQuinnPhD will be presenting Policy 101: Medicare & Medicaid.

4-Compose a 140-character Tweet that shares your thoughts and opinions about the Tweet. Be mindful Twitter only allows 140 characters (be concise). Share this Tweet in the discussion.

Please answer each question separated and use 3 sources no later than 5 years.