1. What is compulsory heterosexuality?  Who does it benefit and who does it disadvantage?
  2. Why do you think I was struck by this form? In other words, why is this form an example of compulsory heterosexuality?
  3. Provide at least two examples of compulsory heterosexuality in contemporary US society.  They can be things you’ve heard about, observed or experienced.  Make sure to explain why each is an example of compulsory heterosexuality.

In this assignment, we will use our sociological imaginations to make the invisible visible and explore compulsory heterosexuality.

I got the idea for this assignment this weekend when my partner and I were going to purchase a new car.  We were trading in our old car to put toward the purchase of a new one, so we had to fill out this form (see picture).  I was struck by this very mundane example of heteronormativity and wanted to explore it more with y’all.