Historiographical Summary

HIST 1815F

Historiographical Summary

No late papers will be accepted.

Your paper should be approximately 5-6 double-spaced pages long (1000-1200 words) and should include references to at least THREE lectures and THREE chapters/ journal articles from the readings.

Essays will be assessed according to:

  1. the quality of their argument and analysis
  2. their synthesis of class material (lectures, readings, primary sources and discussions)
  3. their historical specificity (names, places, dates, context, etc.)
  4. their historiographical awareness.


How do the primary sources for the history of love reflect different stages/ages in people’s lives? Choose three examples from the course material, and formulate an argument that analyses what these sources can tell historians.


Please do not discuss the film Forbidden Love or family photographs as you have already written on these.

Do not replicate your reading responses, and do not use any research other than class material.

Use footnotes or endnotes when you cite from readings and lectures, and include the page number or time of your example.