It should be double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12pt font, with numbered pages.

Footnotes with a full Works Cited page are acceptable. Each question is worth 15 points. 1250 words maximum for each question.

Each question need 12 footnotes in total:
4 readings, (Any outside reading)
4 lectures, (” Let Nobody Turn Us Around: An African American Anthology “, ” From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation “)
3 presentations, (
and two more for the pdf files)
1 film ( Agents of Change, Black and Cuba )
Duplicated citations for different questions will not count.

1) Define microaggressions, how one personal experience with them has impacted your participation in an institution (eg. family, school, etc.), and what the perpetrator(s) of the microaggression could have learned from this course that may have changed their behavior.
2) Describe any tension you’ve witnessed between your kinship ties, society’s expectation of your identity (or identities), and your desire for authentic expression. In what circumstances, have you had to “code-switch” or alter your expression to fit into societal norms? What have you learned from this course about the value of maintaining authentic individual expression, as well as participating in communities that promote social equality and accept you as you feel you are?