Homeless Discussion

In your opinion, what can be done to reduce the homeless population?  What roll can social workers play to assist the homeless? Provide at least one good paragraph and be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.

Respond to 2 other student’s posts.  Your responses should be at least a paragraph and not just “I agree”.  Points will be deducted for limited work.


1- The first student response:


To reduce the homeless population, more shelters can be provided. Multiple shelters can be available in different areas and neighborhoods. Social worker can assist the homeless by trying to find and create more work programs that allows the homeless to work to be able to provide for themselves. Finding work material specifically for homeless people will allow them the chance of getting back on their feet and a fresh start of being able.

2- The second student response:


I feel that homelessness can be reduced by providing better options for aging populations, and those suffering with mental illness, for those who have been incarcerated and are now in the general population to have more resources for re-integrating into society, and making the process of acquiring a government issued ID cost free.

Many shelters require an ID, which on average costs $16, which doesn’t include the cost of getting to the DMV/ID issuing agency. For someone who doesn’t even have a place to sleep at night, and with no ID and potentially no source of legitimate employment, this can be very difficult to obtain. As the system is now, potentially social workers could work with the DMV/ID issuing agencies for lower cost IDs.

I believe that if social workers were utilized in law enforcement more, wherein people could receive mental health services, rehab, etc., instead of incarceration, this would impact the homeless population in a positive way.

Access to job training and education would also help with the homeless population. It would help those who are struggling to find gainful, legitimate employment.

Lastly, I believe that temporary no-to-low cost housing should be made more available to those who need it.