Hospitality Business Struggle With Labor Shortage In The Bay Area

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This assignment aims to explore some challenging HR related issues on the minds of hospitality owners,, managers,, and employees in the Bay Area.. Particularly Please answer the following three questions.. Read the article on Restaurants Struggle with Labor S hortage from the San Francisco Business Times. This article covers one of the burning HR issues that restaurants are facing in the Bay Area

1.. At the hospitality business that you are working or interning at,, what are s ome burning HR issues?? Please briefly describe one or two critical HR critical your manager or you are facing at your workplace..

2.. Is your business facing labor shortage?? If yes,, please briefly describe the causes that are specific to your business.. If no,, what are some effective measures your business is using to retain and recruit employees..

3.. Briefly write about one or two best business practices that address labor shortage issues..

These best practices can be from your workplace,, a business you know,, or f rom researching other sources,, such as online..

The total possible score of this assignment is 40 points.. The length of this assignment needs to be at least one page,, double spaced..