HPP Media Tool Assessment Paper

  • This assignment is worth 50 points.


  • A rubric is used to grade each student assignment and provides specific information for how an assignment will be graded.
  • To view the rubric for your assignment, scroll to the bottom of this page.


  • A student example of this assignment is located here. wnloadAn example of the corresponding brochure for this is located here.  


  • The purpose of this paper is to assess the worthiness of the media tool (PowerPoint, pamphlet, handout, or other tool) you have chosen  to use in your presentation.
    • This is done by analyzing the authenticity, breadth, consistency & readability of the media tool you have chosen.
  • Students will NOT create their media tool.
    • Instead students will select a media tool from a reputable source devoted to their Healthy People 2030 Topic. 


  • APA 7th edition format will be used for this paper.
    • The APA headings for the paper are: authenticity, breadth, consistency, & readability.   References are required. (See assignment rubric for more specifics.)