Hr Management


Now write a review of this article. The purpose of this review is to describe the journal article for an audience of non-experts, using an appropriate level of detail and formality so that the scientific issues are clear. The big goal is to investigate the applicability of the research to HR practices in Canada. Please use the attached template to write your paper.


Your key objectives are the following:

1.      To summarize this article for non-experts with enough details as to catch all the key things discussed including the methodology and the results.


2.      To connect research to practice- Comment on the applied potential of the article you are reviewing. This means you should focus more on the conclusions section of the article and focus more on the key results, how they can be adopted/applied in practice (in the industry, local organizations etc.). Comment on if you think the results can be generalized or not. Also, comment on the potential of furthering the research so as to becomes more relevant to HR practices in Canada.


Be sure to cite these sources appropriately.


Specific Instructions: 


1.      Your paper should be typed, with double-spacing. Margins and font size should follow APA (e.g., 1-inch margins, Times 12-point font).


2.      The paper will fill between 6 pages (not including a title page, and the reference page, which must be included). All papers should adequately address the goals described above.


3.      Expectations:

a.  Opening paragraph needs to capture your audience and introduce your short paper. A thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph is mandatory.

b.  Each topic sentence of each body paragraph introduces the point of focus for that paragraph. (Each topic sentence in each body paragraph appears in the order stated in the thesis statement.)


4.      Title page, essay, and reference list all to APA formatting standards.


5.      A minimum of ten articles including the one you choose must be cited for this assignment within the body of your paper as well as on your reference list. All citations (in the text and on the reference page) must be consistent with APA style.


6.      Assume that your paper will be read by an intelligent layperson with no specific training in Human Resources. To be considered complete, your paper must include all information that would be necessary for such a reader to understand it.

7.      Limit the use of direct quotes, and make sure that you avoid plagiarism.

8.      You may not work together on writing your papers, although you should feel free to discuss the topics and the journal articles.