HR Training And Development

300 words each with 1 reference each from listed below

Organization: Bank

1.  Prior to developing your training exercise, you must analyze your organization to identify room for potential growth. What obstacles or barriers did you come across that made this difficult? How did you determine where growth was needed?

2.  What formal and informal orientation processes exist in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? What changes do you recommend making to the current orientation process to improve the effectiveness of the orientation process?


Read “The Role of New Hire Orientation Programs,” by Dunn, and Jasinski, from Journal of Employment Counseling (2009)URL:

Read “Training and Development,” located on the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget website. URL:

Read “Training and Development,” located on the Inc. website (2015). URL:

Read “Training Needs Assessment Survey,” located on the HR-Survey website.           URL: