HRMT case study

Chris Barr, general manager of the Banff Aspen Lodge (the Aspen), digested the latest news from his

management team’s daily stand-up meeting and thumbed through a stack of applications. It was July of

2018, and the managers had reported on the staff vacancies, especially at the Front Desk. The hotel regularly

lost staff because of the transient nature of employment in the accommodation industry. Consequently, the

Aspen faced the never-ending cycle of recruiting and hiring individuals who would place as much emphasis

on excellent customer service as did the management team.

It would be imperative to have the vacancies filled with the right candidates before the ski season began in

November—especially given the tight labour market. The question now before Barr was which candidates

should be interviewed within the following week to fill two vacancies at the Front Desk.

Barr was confident that the Aspen had many good human resource management practices. However, he

also wondered whether a more systematic long-term approach to human resource planning, recruitment,

and selection would be possible in such a transient labour market. Therefore, Barr thought it was time to

also review the Aspen’s overall approach to human resource management.


The Canadian Environment

The Canadian accommodation industry had grown moderately since 2010, with increases in revenue

ranging from 7.8 per cent in 2010 to 4.2 per cent in 2017.1 In 2017, Canadian hotels reached 65.9 per cent

occupancy, the highest occupancy rates since 1999.2 At the same time as demand was increasing in the

industry, the unemployment rates in Canada had dropped from a high of 8.1 per cent in 2010 to 6.3 per cent

in 2017.3 Canada’s overall job vacancy rate (i.e., the number of vacant positions as a percentage of total

labour demand based on three-month moving averages) increased from 2.7 per cent in 2015 (when the

1 Kristelle Audet, “Canada’s Accommodation Industry: Industrial Outlook Summer 2013,” Conference Board of Canada, September 17, 2013, accessed August 26, 2018, 2 Courtney Jenkins, “The Top 50 Report: The Canadian Hotel Industry Continues to Thrive,” Hotelier Magazine, July 9, 2018, accessed October 8, 2018, 3 “Rate of Unemployment in Canada from 2000 to 2017,” Statista, accessed October 8, 2018, 8362/unemployment-rate-canada/.




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average hourly wage was $19.154) to 2.9 per cent in 2017 (when the average hourly wage was $20.10).5

With the unemployment rate declining and the job vacancy rate rising, the labour market became tighter.

Young Canadians who wanted to travel and see Canada, but who could not afford to do so without working

along the way, were often able to find jobs in the accommodation and food-service industries. Yet most

organizations in the industry were unable to fill all the job vacancies through this method.

Key success factors for the accommodation industry included having access to a multi-skilled and flexible

workforce, being part of a franchised chain, and word-of-mouth recommendations.6 It was important to monitor

online travel sites such as TripAdvisor, Kayak, and Trivago, and to move quickly to respond to negative feedback

because customers were likely to read the comments posted by other users. It was even more important to ensure

that staff provided a high level of customer service to minimize complaints in the first place.

The Alberta Environment

Alberta’s tourism industry benefited most from US visitors. However, in 2015, in addition to Americans,

Alberta had visitors from the United Kingdom (151,600), Germany (117,100), Australia (92,300), China

(85,300), Japan (60,100), the Netherlands (44,500), and other Asian (53,400) and European (53,300)

countries.7 The fact that visitors came from such a variety of countries highlighted the need for a multi-

skilled, flexible, and multilingual workforce.

The Alberta hospitality sector faced significant growth from tourism. In 2017–18, visitors to Banff National

Park and Jasper National Park grew by 3.0 per cent over the previous year.8 Employment in the

accommodation and food sectors increased by 2.6 per cent, from 144,400 in 2016 to 148,100 in 2017.9 Over

the same time period, Alberta’s average resort occupancy rate grew by 0.2 per cent to 63.9 per cent.10

Alberta’s job vacancy rate in October 2017 was 2.0 per cent, which accounted for 12.6 per cent of all job

vacancies in Canada. The accommodation and food service sector in the national park regions had vacancy

rates higher than the provincial average, at 3.7 per cent. The province’s October 2017 unemployment-to-

job-vacancies ratio was 4.8 unemployed individuals for every job vacancy, the fourth highest in Canada.11

The October 2017 job vacancy rate in Alberta’s Banff-Jasper-Rocky Mountain House region matched that

of the accommodation and food-service sector, at 3.7 per cent. In that same month, Alberta’s average

offered hourly wage was $22.75. By January 2018, the job vacancy rate had increased to 3.8 per cent but

the average offered hourly wage dropped to $21.85.12

4 All currency amounts are in CA$. 5 “Job Vacancies, Payroll Employees, Job Vacancy Rate, and Average Offered Hourly Wage by Provinces and Territories, Quarterly, Unadjusted for Seasonality,” Statistics Canada, Table 11-10-0325-01, accessed October 8, 2018, 6 A. Alvarez, Hotels & Motels in Canada, IBISWorld Industry Report 72111CA, February 2017, accessed August 26, 2017, 7 “International Visitation and Expenditures to Alberta: 2000–2015,” Government of Alberta, accessed April 10, 2019, 8 “Parks Canada Attendance 2017–18: National Parks, Park Reserves, and Marine Conservation Areas,” Parks Canada, accessed October 28, 2018, 3. 9 Alberta’s Labour Market Highlights, 2017, Government of Alberta, accessed October 28, 2018, 10 Culture and Tourism Annual Report, 2017–18, 43, Government of Alberta, accessed October 28, 2018, 9c8ef477c636/download/culture-and-tourism-annual-report-2017-2018.pdf. 11 “Alberta Job Vacancies,” Alberta Labour, October, 2017, accessed October 8, 2018, erta-job-vacancies-monthly-profile-201710.pdf. 12 Op. cit. “Job Vacancies, Payroll Employees, Job Vacancy Rate. . .”




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The Banff Aspen Lodge

The Banff Aspen Lodge was a three-storey, 89-unit hotel, one of 17 hotels located along a five-block section

of Banff Avenue, the main street of the town of Banff. The Canadian Hotel Guide ranked the Aspen sixth

in Banff, with an average guest rating of 8.2 out of 10.13 In an era of consolidation within the hospitality

industry, the Aspen was one of the few remaining privately owned properties in Banff.

Barr, general manager of the hotel, aimed to position the property as Banff’s number-one mid-scale

property. The Aspen’s primary target markets included the United States, Calgary, and Edmonton. It

attracted many repeat customers because of the relationships the staff had built with guests. Barr focused

on an exceptional guest experience as being the key to success. He created a culture of friendly and

innovative customer service by empowering staff to create that experience. For example, when repeat guests

checked into the hotel, they would find a personalized note in their rooms welcoming them back to the

Aspen. If they had requested an extra blanket on a previous stay, the blanket would be already waiting on

the bed when they arrived. If a guest had mentioned to housekeeping staff that they preferred dark roast

coffee, the dark coffee pods were ready and waiting by the coffee maker.

The Front Desk staff were the first point of contact for guests arriving from a variety of domestic and

international locations. Their job was to make guests feel welcome and to attend to their needs—no matter

the hour and regardless of whether guests were travelling alone, in families, or as part of a tour group.

Both check-in and check-out were handled quickly and courteously. Check-out began as early as 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., peaking between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m., after guests had enjoyed one last breakfast buffet. Check-

in began mid-afternoon and ran through the late evening. Both processes involved assisting guests with

payments by accepting multiple forms of payment and ensuring accurate completion of the task. At the

Aspen, check-in also required handing out the appropriate number of breakfast vouchers.

The Front Desk might receive calls at any hour of the day or night, with guests requesting extra blankets or

encountering trouble with the operation of appliances. Wherever possible, Front Desk staff tried to ensure

that repeat guests could stay in their favourite rooms. If that was not possible upon arrival, they arranged

for the guests to be relocated the next day. They provided directions and helpful suggestions about activities

in the area. If guests were late returning from a long day of sightseeing, only a phone call was needed for

the garage to be left open past 11:00 p.m., when the underground parking garage was normally locked. The

Front Desk staff also performed general office duties and worked to facilitate interdepartmental

communication and co-operation in the interest of better guest satisfaction.

The Front Desk agents were the first point of contact for prospective patrons, providing courteous and

efficient telephone service, including answering inquiries regarding rates, special packages, and general

information accurately and in a timely manner. They created reservations via telephone, written

correspondence, and in person.

It was also the responsibility of Front Desk staff to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and co-

workers by being knowledgeable about crisis and emergency procedures. Should there be any kind of

emergency in the property, the Front Desk was the first place that guests and staff alike would call.

13 “Banff Aspen Lodge,” Canadian Hotel Guide, accessed October 8, 2018, hotels/Banff-hotels/Banff_Aspen_Lodge-hotel.html.




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The Aspen’s Human Resource Management Philosophy

Barr’s unswerving focus on achieving the hotel’s mission (to provide every guest with an exceptional

experience) and vision (being a leader in the hospitality industry) shaped his perspective on managing the

people in his organization. Barr believed that hiring the right people, coaching and mentoring for success,

and letting employees do their jobs resulted in both the excellent corporate culture for which the hotel was

known and strong word-of-mouth marketing to the family and friends of the hotel’s guests. He had built on

the good culture that already existed when he arrived. He worked to bring people out of their comfort zones

so they would feel more confident making decisions that would provide the exceptional service to enhance

their guests’ stay. He had an open-door policy and fully supported management and staff decisions with

coaching as needed.

Barr found it gratifying to know that the staff loved working at the Aspen. Some of the breakfast room

employees had been with the Aspen for years and spoke a variety of languages, including Japanese and

Korean. While their staff turnover rate was below industry standards, turnover nevertheless existed because

of the transient nature of the industry. In fact, Barr identified attracting and retaining staff as being one of

the Aspen’s key challenges.

The Aspen’s Recruiting Process

Each morning at 10:30, Barr held a stand-up meeting with his department managers. As needed, that

meeting dealt with talent management. The hotel was small enough for the managers to know the staff in

their departments, and to be aware of when contracts and work visas for foreign nationals were coming to

an end and therefore when it would be necessary to recruit new staff.

The 2016 census indicated that the population of the Town of Banff was only 7,851,14 so employers had a very

small talent pool available locally. As well, the residents of Banff were well educated. In 2016, 73 per cent of the

4,125 adults between the ages of 25 and 64 in Banff had completed some form of post-secondary education,

compared with 64 per cent at the provincial level.15 Because of the small population of the town, the Aspen,

similar to most Banff hotels, relied heavily on recruiting employees from beyond the town and the province.

The Aspen recruited through a variety of channels including word of mouth via existing employees, the

hotel’s website, and the Canadian government’s Job Bank.

Full-time employees often recommended prospective employees. For example, Sam Hong, manager of the

breakfast room, was aware of students who were visiting Canada and who attended his church while visiting

Banff; if they were able to acquire the appropriate visas, they were encouraged to apply. Other employees

had friends and neighbours working at various resorts in the town. Because of its reputation as an employer

of choice, the Aspen’s employees sometimes referred these individuals to Barr and to the other managers,

including Anthony Formela, the Front Desk manager.

The “Careers” page of the Aspen’s website listed reasons why people would want to work at the Aspen.

The Aspen had won the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association’s “Employer of Choice” award four years

in a row.16 It also offered competitive wages, employee housing, opportunities for further advancement and

14 “2016 Census Data,” Statistics Canada, accessed September 9, 2017, pd/prof/details/page.cfm?B1=All&Code1=4815035&Code2=48&Data=Count&Geo1=CSD&Geo2=PR &Lang=E&SearchPR=01&SearchText=Banff&SearchType=Begins&TABID=1. 15 Ibid. 16 “Careers,” Banff Aspen Lodge, accessed October 26, 2018,




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education, a winter incentive, a summer canoe pass, and a loyalty bonus after one year. The Aspen’s

location close to all Banff’s amenities was also a draw. The Amazing Race for the Banff Aspen Lodge was

a favourite event that helped to create lifelong friendships among co-workers. Monthly staff events and

lunch-and-learn programs helped employees who were new to the country adjust to the culture and

supported young adults who were on their own for the first time. The events included such popular activities

as hikes to the Tea House at Lake Louise, paintball, and curling. On a rotating basis, the various departments

hosted Lunch/Learn/Live events that covered such topics as cooking for yourself, what to do if confronted

by a bear, and where the locals shopped (which was cheaper than the tourist-oriented stores). For some of

the younger staff who had never been away from home before, speakers from Banff Life offered discussions

on such issues as sexually transmitted infections, harassment, and abuse.

Recruitment through the Canadian government’s job bank came from three primary sources. Canadians

(particularly young people) from Eastern and Central Canada who were eager to move to Western Canada,

and, in particular, to the Canadian Rockies, regularly sought employment in the hospitality sector. Canada

had exchange programs with several countries, including Korea, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom;

individuals who wanted to visit Canada for an extended period of time would often apply for positions

through these exchange programs. The Working Holiday program was one of three International

Experience Canada (IEC) programs.17 Its applicants, who were between 18 and 35 years old, came from

more than 30 different countries. As such, they had different academic, cultural, and industry backgrounds

with varying levels of experience. Some were fresh out of post-secondary education and desired to travel

before settling into careers. Others had already capitalized on the program to visit several provinces and

they applied to the Aspen with some experience in the hospitality sector.

The Aspen’s Hiring Process

The department managers reviewed the job applications and completed the preliminary interviews. The

most important quality that the Aspen looked for in prospective employees was attitude.

Barr would often sit in on the second interview to assess how comfortable the applicants were in the

interview and to assess their fit with the Aspen’s culture of providing exceptional customer service. He said

the applicant’s cultural fit became apparent during the first 10 minutes of an interview. He used a structured

interview approach that included presenting realistic job scenarios. Questions included how applicants

would handle difficult situations such as the following: having to plunge a clogged toilet, dealing with

guests who complained about air quality and called in the health department, and responding to guests who

were asking for a refund because they were dissatisfied with the room. Barr looked for creativity in handling

such situations, especially when no manager was available to whom the situation could be escalated.

Onboarding and Training at the Aspen

To further ensure that guests were provided with an exceptional experience through outstanding service,

the Aspen devoted significant time to onboarding—having new employees shadow veterans for several

days before working on their own. Training began with Barr conducting a staff orientation. New employees

learned about the general history of the hotel, its mission and vision, its organizational structure, the hotel’s

expectations of employees, and what the employees could expect in return from the hotel.

17 The other two IEC programs were Young Professionals (Graduates) and International Co-ops. Canada offered 12- to 24- month visas under the Working Holiday Program. “International Experience Canada: Participating Countries List,” Moving 2 Canada, accessed October 26, 2018,




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Each department also had its own training with checklists of topics to be covered. Department managers

wanted to ensure that their staff were well trained and loved working at the Aspen. The result was

employees who cared deeply about providing each guest with an exceptional experience.

Compensation at the Aspen

The Aspen’s compensation plan was above the industry average in Banff, which was a significant attractor

to prospective employees. Employees also received a $1,800 bonus after one year’s employment, in an

effort to retain employees longer than the term for employees hired under the Working Holiday program.

In addition to attractive rates and bonuses, the Aspen offered the best employee accommodation in Banff:

four townhouse condos had recently been built across the main street from the hotel property. Two

employees shared each bedroom in the townhouse.


Barr looked at his desk and the pile of applications that Formela had given to him at that morning’s

management team meeting (see Exhibit 1). He needed to decide which applicants to interview in the

following week and what questions to ask at the interview. Barr’s goal was to extend job offers to the

successful applicants in plenty of time for them to make the necessary arrangements to relocate (including

obtaining visas, where appropriate) before the ski season began in just a few months.

Given that Barr viewed recruiting and retaining staff as one of the Aspen’s key challenges, he was also

eager to identify strengths and areas for improvement in the Aspen’s current approach to human resource


QUESTIONS 1. What are the key success factors for the Aspen? 2. What are the requirements for the Front Desk staff? 3. Develop hiring criteria based on these requirements, and apply them to the applications Barr is

reviewing. Whom would you interview? 4. What questions would you ask at the interview? 5. Analyze strengths and weaknesses in the Aspen’s HRM process. Provide recommendations for

improving the human resource planning, recruitment, selection, and onboarding/training processes.




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Lhamo Sangyam Edmonton, AB 5552129595


loyal and friendly caring and thoughtful person curious, always eager to develop new skills, punctual person

Key Skills:-

 Patient, hardworking, energetic and communication skills.  Helpful, good at interact with other person.  Respectful and friendly manner to maintain cooperation with teamwork.  Self-motivated and honest person.  Successfully scheduled and managed multiple activities.  Microsoft office, Excel, power point

Key compete:

 Attention to detail  Customer focus  Listening skills  Team work  Honesty, reliability  High energy levels  Planning and organizing

Work experience

 Chef at pizza pizza  Knowledge of cleaning sensitive materials.  Ability to lift, push and pull required load.  Knowledge of at stampede.  5 years experience farmer  Hotel Reception in India  Shell

Education :-

Graduated in India (2014)

Languages :-

 Tibetan  English  Hindi

Reference :





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Lorne Adams Mobile: 555-912-4726

PROFILE: A highly enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated individual specialising in secondary schooling, but with a solid background in hospitality and customer service.


Graduate Diploma in Education (2010) University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Bachelor of Arts (Modern and Ancient History (2008) University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Brighton Secondary College, Brighton East, Australia Classroom Teacher – Full Time, April 2010 – December 2012, January – December 2015) Trinity School, Carlisle, UK Classroom Teacher – Full Time, September 2012 – July 2014


 Subway Restaurant, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia o Sandwich Artist, Evening Store Closer, March 2006 – April 2011. o Developed immaculate communication skills by being in constant contact with customers.

o Food handling and preparation. o Worked shifts unsupervised from management that require large amounts of responsibility and trust,

and trained staff working nightshifts.  The Boatshed, Sydney, NSW, Australia o Bus-Boy, Waiter and Bartender November 2009 – January 2011. o Running food and beverages in a busy 200 seat venue. o Clearing and re-setting tables, assisting wait staff during service time. o Began training staff after 2 months employment.  Donut King, MarketPlace Leichhardt Mall, Leichhardt, NSW, Australia o Casual Employee, March 2005 – January 2006 o Worked making donuts and coffee for customers. o Stocking store, washing dishes and cleaning kitchen and dining areas. o Occasionally required to work in other Donut King stores for management.  Chemist Warehouse Ashfield, Ashfield, NSW, Australia o Pharmacy Assistant, March 2004 – February 2006 o Worked as a casual cleaner and attending to various jobs required. o Trained to handle stock and cash register. o Developed excellent communication skills by working with different departments and customers.  Australian Defence Force (Reserves), Sydney, NSW, Australia o Rifleman, November 2006 – April 2012. o Developed great teamwork skills by working with different people in unfamiliar situations.

o Increased my physical and mental capabilities.

References available on request.




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Zhang Wei Banff, Alberta


Work Experience

Housekeeping  Voyager Hotel – August 2016 to Present  Clean rooms when guests leave. Change bads and towels. Clean bathrooms. Do laundry of bads and


Salesman  Sun Wah Foods – March 2012 to July 2016  Sell foods import from China to Chinese grocery stores in West Canada.



Mster of International Business management Yunnan University, China




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Dhriti Dalal Phone: (555) 555-2131 | Email: | Address: 555 Sheppard Ave. Toronto, Ontario M0M 0R0

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS NORTH TORONTO COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE  Ontario Secondary School Diploma (September 2008-June 2012)

KEY SKILLS Flexible and outgoing team player who thrives in environments requiring the ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple tasks  Proven track record of having sound judgment, effective communication skills, and a commitment to

service excellence

EXPERIENCE THE FAIRMONT JASPER PARK LODGE Royal Services Agent (April 2015 – August 2015)  Consistently offered professional, friendly and engaging services to guests and colleages while

operating in the communications hub of the hotel that handles all internal and external communications and oversees many aspects of day-to-day hotel operations

 Provided prompt, courteous and efficient handling of all guest and colleague inquiries, proactively managed and resolved all complaints and concerns, as well as took responsibility for ensuring consistency in exceeding guest expectations

 Provided exceptional concierge service to guests regarding local activities, restaurants and other special events as well as made reservations and assisted with any plans or travel arrangements that the guest intends on making during their stay

 Established and maintained an in-depth working knowledge of all hotel departments and regularly coordinated with them in particular Housekeeping, Front Office, Engineering, and security via the telephone and a radio system

 Preformed various front office administrative duties which included the preparation of journals and reports, checking-in & checking-out guests, responding to email inquiries, as well receiving and processing payment

 Monitored all of the hotels mechanical & emergency alarm systems and acted as emergency dispatch for the entire hotel and helped coordinate an appropriate response to all emergencies

SAULT AREA HOSPITAL – EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Physician Navigator (November 2015 –Present)  Improved emergency department wait times by assisting physician work load while liaising between the

physician and other medical professionals within the hospital and with other hospitals when required, which enables the physician to be more productive and focus more on patient-care

 Monitored the emergency department tracking board and kept track of all the physician’s patients to better manage patient flow throughout the department

 Ensured that patients are assessed and reassessed in a timly manner and that patients are properly prioritized to be seen by the physician according to their triage code and severity of their presenting signs and symptoms.

 Performed various other administrative responsibilities including documenting vital signs on patient charts, filling out, photocopying, and faxing various documents, printing out discharge instructions for patients, as well as booking follow-up appointments with out-patient clinics and specialists for patients who require them




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Arjun Patel 953 George Hubbard Avenue Cavan, ON K9K 0L0 (555) 392-7755


 5 years’ customer service experience  Enthusiastic individual who truly enjoys making customers happy and satisfied  Excellent problem solver, highly self-motivated, very detail oriented,  strong interpersonal and communication skills  Standard First Aid, CPR and AED  Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)


 Customer Service  Effective communication in the public sector  Ability to multitask in a fast paced learning environment  Patience when working under stress  Strong team leader


 Ticket Control Supervisor July 2016 – Present  Lake Louise Ski Resort, Lake Louise, AB  Ability to supervise 10-13 Staff  Ensuring staff are following company and department policies and procedures  Training new staff when they are hired  Ensuring guest ticket issues are directed to Guest Services in a timely manner  Attending weekly Mountain Operation and bi-weekly health and safety meetings

Front Desk Agent  Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, AB April 2016 – July 2016  Received and processed payments by cash, credit card or automatic debit  Assisting Guests with any concerns that are brought up  Maintaining an efficient check-in and check-out process

Operating Assistant  Parks Canada for Trent Severn, Peterborough, ON Summer 2015  Greeted tourist and boaters as they came through the lock station  Locked boats through the Trent Severn lock station  Tended to grounds by maintaining the lawns, flowers and flower beds  Painted railings around lock gates to ensure they looked presentable  Cleaned washrooms and offices

Cashier  Sobey’s Supermarket, Peterborough/Oshawa, ON July 2011 – September 2014  Identified price of goods and tabulate total payment required using cash register  Received and processed payments by cash, credit card or automatic debit  Provided information to customers




Page 12


 Positive Space Training Level 1: Shifting Outlook and Level 2: Being an LGBTQ Ally  Privacy, Confidentiality and Collaboration Training Certificate  Level 3: Use of Force, Handcuff, and Baton Certification  Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)  Sexual Violence and Bystander Awareness Training  Introduction to American Sign Language  Ontario Security Guard Licence  Basic Emergency Management Certificate


Protection, Security, and Investigations Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, ON September 2014 – April 2016




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Daniel Smit (555) 515-0025

2 Garden Crescent Red Deer, AB, T0M 2A0

Profile I am experienced in customer service and in building immediate rapport with new and existing clients. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills. I possess extensive knowledge and ability using Customer Relationship Software (CRM). I excel in developing and closing new and existing business in a business to business setting. I am always willing to take on new tasks and learn anything to aid the company.

Work History

The Beefy Dutchman Contracting October 2017- Present Business Development Manager

● Responsible for prospecting new business ● Daily cold calling (50-80 calls per day) ● Manage the sales process and complete the sale ● Writing blogs for the website ● Development of the sales process ● Preparing presentation materials

Pro-applied Contractors

June 2017-October 2017

Business Development Manager/Project Manager ● Responsible for prospecting new business and maintaining existing client relationships ● Evaluate the needs to the client and recommend the best course of action and service ● Manage the sales process and complete the sale ● Manage projects from mobilization to completion ● Invoice and collect payment upon completion of the job

Terrazzo Floors February 2016-March 2017 Business Development Manager/Project Manager

● Responsible for prospecting new business and maintaining existing client relationships ● Evaluate the needs to the client and recommend the best course of action and service ● Manage the sales process and complete the sale ● Manage projects from mobilization to completion ● Invoice and collect payment upon completion of the job

Henry Construction April 2015-February 2016 Territory Account Manager

● Responsible for prospecting new business and maintaining existing client relationships with a high level of business ethic

● Consistently reached sales targets ● Evaluate the needs to the client and recommend the best course of action and service ● Manage the entire sales process from cold calling or prospecting right up until the close of the job ● Follow up with clients after work was completed to ensure satisfaction ● Attend corporate events as management representation ● Handle accounts ranging from $250,000 – $1,200,000, with over 50% being returning business ● Repaired problematic relationship with supplier, leading to over $1 million in work and counting. ● Created pamphlets and flyers for marketing, including internal work and external to the company. ● Wrote an article for Renew Magazine about being environmentally conscious in construction




Page 14

● Priced and bid jobs, using unit rate, lump sum and percentage-based payments ● Familiar with reading engineering drawings and calculating quantities via take off.

John’s Spas and Pools September 2012-March 2013 Store Manager

● Managed the activities of five other staff ● Responsible for training of new staff ● Professionally managed customer complaints with a high rate of resolving these issues ● In Store/online marketing ● Stock management ● Sales of spas, swim spas, and pools ● Prepared monthly and quarterly income reports ● Became the go to source for water chemistry issues in hot tubs

John’s Spas and Pools September 2010-September 2012 Sales Rep

● Sales of high-end spas to clients ● Professionally managed customer complaints ● Water chemistry expert ● Attended trade shows with an average of four sales per day


Education Mohawk College – McKeil School of Business September 2013 – April 2015 Insurance Program

Courses taken include:

● Economics ● Accounting ● Business Mathematics ● Negotiation Strategies ● Personal Finance




Page 15

Kathryn Fairweather 2142 Plaid Close, Grimsby, UK |

Summary: I am seeking a position at a Front Desk in a successful hotel in Canada.

Essential Skills: ● Excellent communication skills (obtained a customer service position at Staples for 2.5 years.

Regularly communicated with colleagues, customers and managers) ● Excellent numeracy skills (obtained 88% in first year business mathematics course at the University

of Lincoln) ● Excellent organisational skills (consistently on the Dean’s list for four years). ● Excellent use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Volunteer/Work Expeirience: ● Cashier and customer service rep at Staples (2014 – 2016). ● Social convenor for St. James’ School’s student council. Has organised various dances which

involved collaborating with teachers, students and school administration (2009 – 2013). ● Member of St. James’ School’s Link Crew, a group of senior students helping new students transition

from prep into senior form (2011 – 2013). ● Executive position on the St. James’ School’s Athletic Council. Helped organise various sporting

events at the School and has taken on various daily tasks such as taking attendance and managing finances (2012 – 2013).

● General athletic council member at St. James’ School (2010 – 2013). ● Worked as volunteer project manager for charity event at St. James’ School (2012 – 2013). ● Fed homeless people in Hull through Salvation Army Food Truck (2016).

Education: September 2013 – 2017University of Lincoln, Lincoln International Business School September 2008 – 2013 St. James’ School (obtained diploma)

Interests: Alpine skiing, Mathematics, Recreational Reading, Baking, Travelling, Organising and Planning




Page 16



Bratislava, Slovakia 42 9 5556 9876

Objective To travel and see countries.

Education Business | Bratislava Business School 2015 – 2017 Enter stage one but leave to travel Secondary School | Am Szenczi Gymnasium and Secondary School 2011 – 2015 Four year school with maturita. Earned leaving certificate.

Experience Hostess | Chatam Sofer Memorial Site

2015 – 2017 Welcome visitors and tell them about memorial Usher | Slovak Philharmonic 2013 – 2017 Helps guests find seats. Give them brochure and tell them about music.

Skills Happy to meet people

Can explain tourist places to visitors Organized Pleasant personality

Languages Slovak

Czeck Hungarian English




Page 17

Veronique Desjardins


328A rue St. Catherine Montréal, Québec H3Z 3E7


Career Objective To obtain full time employment in the education or hospitality


Education September 2014 – Present McGill University – Undergraduate (Second Year) Bachelor of Education – Kindergarten & Elementary Montréal, Québec September 2010 – June 2014 Ecole secondaire Joseph-Francois-Perrault – Diploma Obtained

Montreal, QC

Work Experience May 2017-August 2017 Kew Vineyards Estate Winery Hospitality Associate Niagara, Ontario // Greeted and seated guests // Suggested wines for tasting // Served and sold wines February 2017-Present Front Desk Clerk UPT CrossFit Montréal, Québec // Selling membership, drinks and food // Preparing smoothies // Answering any questions regarding CrossFit/memberships // Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of the gym // Valeting clients’ cars when necessary January 2016 – Present Market Research JVW Sales INC Montréal, Québec // Market research on potted plants in supermarket displays // Responsible for monthly supermarket visits, report write-up on findings (retail prices, UPC codes) June – August 2015 (Summer) Camp Counselor Champions Day Camp Montréal, Québec // Working with co-leaders to ensure that campers have a safe, fun camp experience // Planning and leading camp activities and special events

Volunteer Experience 2009 – 2014 (Summers) Camp Counselor Camp Oneida




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Pembroke, Ontario // Working with co-leaders to ensure that campers have a safe, fun camp experience // Assuming duties such as camp cleanp, dining hall setup and cleanup, leading campfire, etc. // Follow orders from camp directors and staff // Overseeing a cabin of 6 girls 24 hours / 6 days

Awards & Certificates // First-Aid Certified (2016-2018)

// Quebec Scholar – Gold Medallion (2014) // JFP School Spirit Scholarship (2014)

Hobbies & Interests Fitness, nutrition, leadership, education

Skills & Abilities // High energy, People person, Problem-solver, Detail Oriented

// Conversational and Written French and English // Microsoft Office (all programs)

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