Many students are emailing me about how to write in APA style and how to reference in APA format, please see this document for details:

For the papers due in this class, I only require you to provide APA style References.  A minimum of two references are required. You do need APA formatting for your paper, which you can find when you OPEN a NEW Word document, search for “APA style Essay”.

You will be graded on the following:

a.  Clear understanding of the content

b.  Good application of the materials to real life situations

c.   Well written & edited paper.

d. It must be your original work. No copy and paste.

e.   First or third person is fine -Use what is comfortable for you.

f.   Minimum of two references.  No less than 1000 words.

g. Abstract is optional.



Open MSWORD, File, NEW,

· Under the NEW in the Search box enter APA style Essay. You can use this template to start writing your paper.

· Minimum word limit is 1000 words. Going Over the word limit is Allowed.

APA style referencing:

You will need a MINIMUM of two references, and I suggest that the Text book and the Article’s Author should be included.

Use to search for articles related to your topic to find more published, scholarly articles, books, etc.

If you were absent during the class when I present these items, please reach out to your classmates first to get answers.

Why People behave the way they do – Author is Dr. Clawson

NewGen Case study – the Author is B. Lusk (2015)