human-environmental relationships

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Once again we’re going to imagine our ideal world that we began creating last week. This time, we’ll specifically think about issues of human-environment relationships, and what that relationship might be in an ideal world.

How do you imagine what the relationship between humans and nature ideally should be, and how does that differ (if at all) from the actual relationship we currently have in our society? There’s little debate that we live in a society that is environmentally unsustainable in the long term. What kinds of cultural changes might lead to creating a more environmentally sustainable society (customs, norms, behaviors, beliefs, etc)? Thinking about the concept of the “two-toolbox” approach, how might this approach benefit the modern world? Is there anything from the examples discussed in the chapter (The Elder Brothers, the Australian Aborigines, the Dagara, the Lakota, the Hadza) that we could learn from, and/or incorporate into our culture?