Human Factors Review Description

Human Factors Review Description

Human Factors experts are involved in the design of products, systems and services which need to be physically, perceptually, cognitively and emotionally intuitive to users. An important activity which they perform is the identification of the main Human Factors issues involved, and the main sources of background knowledge which can be used to perform the design or the redesign. This assignment will introduce students to the practice of reviewing the Human Factors literature and to the process of identifying and selecting key concepts. Each student should choose and briefly describe three products, systems or services which are of personal interest and which are characterised by a reasonable amount of existing high quality literature, and then send these three topic suggestions by e-mail (maximum 20 lines) to the module leader for approval of the choice of study no later than midnight of 11/5/2021. A single product, system or service, chosen from among the three originally proposed, will be approved and allocated by midnight of 14/5/2021. Books, journal papers and internet websites should be consulted to obtain information regarding the human factors issues involved and regarding the possible opportunities for improvement. The review should consider the background to the product, system or service, the previous research which has been performed, the nature of the internationally available resources (scientific, industrial or governmental) and which design or redesign actions can be taken. The review should resemble a summary presentation which is used in business settings. It should be prepared from the point of view of the Human Factors expert (a specialist or a consultant) thus it should focus on the Human Factors issues rather than describing in detail the nature and operational principles of the product, system or service. A submitted review which dedicates a significant amount of material to explaining the general construction or function of the product, system or service will be assigned a low grade. The review must be summarised by means of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of a maximum length of 15 slides for the core concepts, which must be submitted by means of WiseFlow by midnight of 2/7/2021. The presentation must also include at the end (i.e. from slide 16 onwards…) a complete bibliography of the consulted sources in one of the commonly accepted referencing formats (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or Vancouver) since the search and selection of appropriate materials is perhaps the most critical aspect of the assignment.


  Human Factors Case History Marking Scheme   Comments Marks
Human Factors Analysis    

Variety and Quality of the Reference Sources


– is the analysis based on an adequate number of sources ?


– does the bibliography consist of quality books and journals ?


– are any of the sources expected to be biased ?












Identification of the Primary Human Factors Issues


– have several Human Factors issues been noted ?


– have the machine or environmental factors been adequately related to the human responses ?


– does the analysis rank the issues from the most important to the least important ?












Understanding of Human Factors Methods


– does the analysis identify the most useful measurement equipment and calculation parameters ?


– does the analysis identify the best Human Factors methods to apply to the problem ?











Significance of the Conclusions


would the analysis be used and cited by others ?


is there enough information to improve the situation ?


– do the results provide balanced considerations ?






Power Point Presentation    
Organisation of the Presentation


– is the order of presentation of the material logical ?


– are all statements supported by data and references ?





Overall Creativity of the Presentation


– has plagiarism been fully avoided ?


– are the concepts presented in an interesting manner ?


– is the graphical material attractive and effective ?










Usefulness of the Presentation


– can the work be replicated ?


– is the summary useful to others ?


– are possible improvements suggested and specified ?










Total   /100