Human Resources


  1. Search online for the term “HRIS” and compare the information you located with the content from Chapter 1 of the textbook.
    1. Explain what are the differences?
    2. Identify any similarities?
  2. There are numerous HRIS software programs used to gather, maintain, and analyze employee information for databases.

a. Conduct an online search, identify some of the most common software programs that are used for maintaining HRIS data and describe each one and its functions.

3. Conduct research on a product offering from three major HRIS vendors. Answer the following questions about each vendor:

  • Company/vendor name
  • Product name
  • Functionality in system (which HR functions are covered)
  • System pricing (if available)
  • List one unique and interesting functionality that surprised you
  • A summary of customer reviews outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the