human resourse management

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Your Final Project for this course consists of an Immersion Project. The goal of this project is to allow you to develop your knowledge of a particular population that is of interest to you. Because expansion of your profession knowledge is a goal of the project, this population should not be a population to which you belong.

As you begin to think about your project, consider the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals that apply to ethnicity, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and other categories. Conceptualize how you might use knowledge gained through the immersion experience to help you meet these standards with your selected population.

This week, you should begin working on Parts I and II of your Immersion Project. Adhering to the pacing guidelines provided will allow you time to complete your Final Project successfully.

Identify the population you wish to study. Consider how this population is different from you and what your perceptions of this group are at this point in your life. Differences should include both the obvious (visible differences, etc.) and the not so obvious (religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.). Your perceptions should include what you were told about this group as you were growing up (if anything), what your sources of information about this group have been in the past, and why you have an interest in this group.
Observe an activity of the group you have chosen to study (e.g., attend a religious service; take a tour of the group’s community; or attend a gathering, festival, culture-themed play, tour, or exhibit).