Human Sexuality


1. Main Post:  This week there are two topics available for discussion.  

Topic 1:  Should penile augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, and other such cosmetic procedures be legal or illegal? Do individuals have a right to pursue genital surgeries for which the benefits may be unclear?

Topic 2: Should chemical castration be mandated for sex offenders? Why or why not?

  • In the subject line clearly identify which topic you are discussing.
  • Write an essay of 200-400 words addressing the questions designated for one topic.
  • Give at least two examples to support your conclusion.

2. Peer follow-up:  Respond to two of your classmates’ postings.

  • In 75-100 words, or more, provide constructive, thoughtful feedback designed to build an engaging dialog.
  • To achieve this, ask questions, share insights, or offer an article or other resource, that will contribute to a broader analysis of the topic at hand.