“Ideology” Analysis Research Paper

You’ll will research individually on  one of the “isms” listed below:



As you plan your research pay attention to the following dimensions and label the body of your paper with each subtopic listed below:

  1. Definition of the “ism”
  2. A historical perspective of the “ism”
  3. whose needs were (are) met through the promotion of this form of oppression
  4. pertinent policies related to this “ism”, both negative and positive
  5. Discuss issues focusing on social and economic justice, diversity, populations-at-risk, and values and ethics as they pertain to this type of oppression.

Research Paper should be in APA format minimum 3 pages maximum 4 pages in length

The American Psychological Association (APA) Manual’s (6th Edition or 7th Edition) style of referencing and writing of papers is required for this course and assignment.

Cover page, abstract, body, and Reference Page required.