(Imagining Our Life’s Meanings And Contributions) And (Video The Science Of Character)

Forum 2.7. Imagining our life’s meanings and contributions


To complete this module,  please respond to the following questions about the steps you will take in your life to move forward:

1. Identify a skill you will learn in order to achieve your future aspirations. Is there a behavior you should unlearn?

2. What new relationships will you need in your learning? Are there any relationships you need to leave behind?

3. Who are some new role models you will learn from?

4. What concrete actions will you take now to realize the future you have envisioned?

Recommended length: 200-350 words

Evaluation criteria: your posts will be evaluated as follows:

1. Relevance: Posted comment is relevant and appropriate to the discussion topic.

2. Quality: Supported her/his viewpoints with sound justification. Used credible sources and cited sources appropriately.

3. Engagement: Offered written responses to others’ contributions to the discussion.

Relevant information: any documents, videos of interest, links, ideas, etc. can be discussed and shared within this forum.