Impact Of Science Fiction On Historical And Modern Literature

W3. Read the following short stories.

· J.R.R. Tolkien, “Riddles in the Dark.”  p 272-283

· Fritz Leber, Jr., “Smoke Ghost.”  p283-294.

In the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and Fritz Leiber, Jr., the stories at first read seem quite different.  However, as you further explore each of the author’s writings, similarities emerge.

In a  800 words paper discuss the common theme (i.e., inner conflict, imaginary audience, acceptance, etc.) and discuss how this theme impacts the storyline, main characters, setting, and conclusion of the story.

W3D. (150 words)

· As we progress through the exploration of Science Fiction, how do the stories of High Fantasy compare to Dark Fantasy and Enduring Traditions?  

W4. Please read the following short story in your textbook:

· Edward Page Mitchell, “The Clock That Went Backwards.”  p361-370

Also, read the attached story:

· H.G. Wells, “The Chronic Argonaut.”

Located at Project Gutenberg.

Mitchell and Wells develop storylines that at this time in history were not common due to limited technology.  They develop within their storylines the ability for people to glimpse what they believe to be the future.

Discuss in 150 words, the storylines that are developed in each story and how they portray similar concepts and advancements.

W6D. As we begin to explore the early days of Modern Science Fiction, discuss how early Science Fiction had differences from the emerging genre of Modern Science Fiction. (150 words)

W6. Read the following short story:

· Orson Scott Card, “Ender’s Game.”  p 970-996.

· After reading, “Ender’s Game,” find one other Science Fiction work(movie, book, short story) with similar themes as noted above.

Many ideas within Modern Science Fiction propose the theme of a conflict with an alien race, a revamp of social structures, and the hope for the future residing with the youth of society.

After reading, “Ender’s Game,” find one other Science Fiction work(movie, book, short story) with similar themes as noted above.  Compare and contrast these themes in a 800 words paper.

W8D. 150 WORDS

Read the following short stories in your main textbook:

· Ray Bradbury, “There will come soft rain.”  p 718-722.

· Dean Koontz, “The Undercity.”  p 951-960.

While both authors from this readings approach Science Fiction quite differently, discuss how both are still considered Science Fiction authors and why.

W9. In a 800 words reflection essay, explore your experiences reading the Science Fiction stories of many groundbreaking authors over the past nine weeks. Reflect on 2-3 previous authors and their work to support this assignment.