Importance of Search Engine Optimizations to Coca-Cola company (SAMPLE POWERPOINT)


  • Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a run through of increasing the amount of traffic to your website by using animate search engine.
  • SEO is beneficial to Coca-Cola company in the marketing sector and many other sectors of the company.
  • SEO is significant to Coca-Cola in the following aspects.
  1. Increased visibility and ranking ii. In web traffic iii. To control trust iv. The user experience v. In growth


Increased Familiarity and Rating.

  • When surfing over the internet, we often consider the top results.
  • Coca cola has a variety of products and also with a number of rivals. These factors necessitates proper advertisement and receipt of information by potential clients.
  • SEO, therefore functions to popularize coca colas products services and event opportunities.
  • SEO does this by succoring higher in the search results. By extension this makes it visible to more people online therefore increasing the audiences.

Online traffic

  • Consider a scenario that potential clients cannot see coca colas website, what do you think would happen?
  • This would have adverse effects on the company.
  • SEO upsurges Coca-Cola’s company’s organic search engine traffic. This causes a significant increase in the number of visitors to their page.
  • An increase in the visitors means and increase in the sales since people develop interest in the site according to how relevant it seems.

Developing Trust.

  • A higher SEO score means an easier appearance on the search engines.
  • SEO ,makes Coca-Cola trust worthy as many people often believe entirely in google endorsed company.
  • An increased trust therefore is advantageous to the company as trust is key to production of goods, services and also in seeking employments.

User Familiarity

  • A well enhanced website has clear information of the services and goods offered by Coca cola company. In addition to that it gives answers to FAQs and there is exclusively important.
  • According to (Dover,2018),SEO makes it easier. Enables retrieval of any kind of information a customer would like to have.



  • SEO is crucial to growth of The Coca Cola company.
  • A higher SEO rank increases the potential customers ,who would refer friends of friend who in turn refer to other friend of friends of friends(Rani,2013)
  • This chain continues indefinitely and therefore provides growth to coca cola.

Improved engagements, traffic and conversations.

  • In the recent past there has been an upsurge in mobile traffic, local search has befitted Coca-Cola company.
  • Local SEO targets an organization’s digital properties for an exact  locale, making the organization easy to find ,therefore increasing he possibility of involvement and transaction(Grapobnne,2011) .

Impact on the buying cycle

  • In the customers perspective, the biggest pro of the internet is possibility of research.
  • Incorporation of SEO maneuvers in providing information online does magic to Coca-Cola.
  • Positively, an impact is caused to the buying cycle as a result of this use of the various SEO tactics.

Cheap Cost

  • SEO is undoubtedly very important and definitely costs some penny.
  • We all know that just like any other company, Coca-Cola also seeks to maximize profits and minimize costs.
  • SEO is somewhat cheap. Its significance to the organization surpasses the cost of implementing it(Tedele,2019).
  • It must also not be forgotten that SEO gets better with the attention and finance allocated to it.


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