important issue in infant / toddler development.

Report Issue
complete a 1000-1500 word paper that focuses on an important issue in infant / toddler development. Choose something significant to you but try to be as objective as possible. The paper should be written in APA style and utilize 3 to 5 professional / academic references (i.e. your textbook, and articles from professional journals). Websites articles that do not contain at least 10 professional references are not acceptable as academic or scholarly sources. Your topic must be focused on a significant issue in the first 24 months of life. Topics such as ADD / ADHD, autism, childhood obesity, etc. are not appropriate as they focus on a developmental stage beyond the scope of this class.

Please use the following format to organize your paper:

a. Abstract: Summarize the entire paper. What were the major 3 or 4 points?

b. Summarize the literature regarding your topic and discuss your findings as it relates to course content/topics;

d. Present conclusions based on your findings;

e. Present recommendations based on what you have learned from this research.

f. After the paper has been graded for content, it will be evaluated for spelling, grammar, professional presentation, and general APA style. Avoid overly casual language and write as a professional presenting your findings. Use spell-check and proof read carefully!