Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment (Word count: 2,000-2,500)

Students have to complete successfully a written individual assignment, which should be 2,000-2,500

The deadline for the individual assignment is Friday 11th December 2020 11.59pm

The assignment question is the following:

Critically assess the argument that the rise in strategic HRM has led to crisis of identity and legitimacy in the HR profession.   


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Delery etc 2017-1.pdf


Assessment Criteria

Assignments will be assessed according to the relevant parts of the conceptual marking system for Masters’ degree programmes as outlined in the student handbook. Any references which are cited must be included in a bibliography.

Also please note the following presentation guidelines for these assignments.

  1. All assignments must be word processed. Please use Times New Roman, Size 12, black typeface on white paper. Double line spacing should be used. Please insert page numbering.
  2. The first page of each assignment should contain your name, registration number, assignment title and word count.
  3. Students may be penalised for exceeding the word limit.
  4. Please use the Harvard referencing system. A bibliography/reference list must be provided.
  5. Late assignments which are not the subject of extenuating circumstances will be penalised 5% for every day late or part thereof. Where students are citing a medical reason for late submission it should be accompanied by a medical certificate. Except in extreme circumstances, extensions will not be permitted retrospectively.