Individual Assignment

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In Germany, students attend primary education between the ages of six to ten years old ( (Links to an external site.)). At the age of ten students are placed in one of the five types of institutions based on their aptitude, attitude, socio-economic conditions, gender, race, and to some extent parents wishes. For secondary education, there are different educational paths in which a child can be placed. All of these types of institutions will provide a certificate of completion, but only two of the types of institutions provide a diploma that will allow students to continue their education in university. Many students choose the apprenticeship path instead of university education.

Watch the video clips on Germany’s apprenticeship style:

Read the article from NPR: (Links to an external site.)

Research on the apprenticeship system in Germany and answer the following questions:

1. What are the advantages of their apprenticeship system?

2. What are the disadvantages of their apprenticeship system?

3. Could the U.S. adopt such a system? Explain.

The purpose of this assignment is to generate insights and thoughts that builds on past findings, as well as shed new light on the problems being investigated. It means that you need to have your own perspective and use your own words instead of copying and pasting sentences and paragraphs from various websites. 

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