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Individual essay focussing on personal observation of the various forms of diversity, including challenges and benefits in the workplace or other location from your own observation.

Task Length: 750-1,000 words Task weight 20%

Due week-5 17/05/2020 (Sunday before 11:55 PM)

The purpose of this assessment is for students to begin the exploration of the content of the course by considering how diversity exists in their own personal experience, analyse that experience either in a workplace or other environment, and consider how diversity is relevant to that environment. Students can reflect and draw on experience from their current or previous workplace or other location for this assignment, in consultation with the lecturer. It is expected that students will be able in this way to see and show how diversity is evident in many places and relevant to the effectiveness of businesses in their own life experience.

Task Requirements

For this assessment, students will be required to consider their own personal experience and describe one particular workplace or other social environment they have been part of, discuss the forms of diversity evident (or lack of diversity) in this location, research and consider how diversity contributes to that workplace or environment both positively and negatively, and consider in what ways diversity could be handled better in this workplace or location.

Assessment Criteria

1. Description of a chosen workplace or location, and identification of the forms of diversity evident

2. Through research, observation and reflection, discussion of the ways in which different forms of diversity affect that workplace or location both positively and negatively

3. Discussion of actions that could be taken to improve the effectiveness of the workplace or location by better taking account of diversity

4. Essay composition, including quality of research, grammar, clear language, structure, citation technique and referencing (APA Style)

Links to Subject Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are assessed in this task

–My choose of workplace would be a fine dinning restaurant, as a position of chef.

Describe how diversity would effect the working environment.(