Individual Innovation Report

MBA MN7184SR Managing Innovation

Assignment 2 (70%), 20 May 2021, Thursday

Individual Innovation Report


  Due Date:  20 May 2021, Thursday

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Assessment Criteria



Clear introduction to the new innovative product (or business, or process)  20%  
Clear use of appropriate primary and secondary research, and business analysis   20%
Clear use and application of a wide range of managing innovation theory, concepts, models, and techniques, from the Module and elsewhere   20%
Suggested recommendations and future developments are clear and appropriate


Quality of innovation report: structure, content, academic and professional language, supporting materials, Harvard-style referencing, plus evidence of research, creativity, and managing innovation style analysis throughout 20%

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Learning Outcomes:

–         Understand the major aspects of innovation in theory and in practice

–         Use this understanding to contribute to developing their own ability in managing innovation in practice

–         Engage in researching and managing innovation project(s)


 MN7184SR Innovation Management


Assignment 2 (70%): Individual Innovation Report





Individually, you will need to be either:


  • (i) Innovator: Design and create a new innovative product (or business, or process), or:


  • (ii) Consultant: Advise a real-life innovator who has recently launched a new innovative product (or business, or process).


  • Acting either as (i) innovator, or as (ii) consultant, conduct further research on this new innovative product (or business, or process), in order to fully explain and detail its purpose and design, its potential customer market, its potential revenue, costs, capital investment / loans / funding required, where and how it will be designed, manufactured and distributed, plus its industry, competitors, and rivals.


  • Using a wide range of managing innovation theory, concepts, models, and techniques – and combined with your primary and secondary research – write an innovation report , explaining how this new innovative product (or business, or process) can be fully commercialised, managed, and developed for the future.


  • Your innovation report should be written in a professional structure and style, be fully referenced, using Harvard-style referencing, and should be fully supported with managing innovation theory, concepts, models and techniques from books and journal articles from your reading list, closely applied and used.



  • See your Module Booklet reading list, plus your Module class slides, for managing innovation books, journal articles, and other academic materials / sources.


  • Submission is via Canvas, by 11.59 pm Thursday, 20 May 2021



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