Presentation description:

After recent developments (or, rather, lack of), I have decided to transform your group presentation into one that is carried out individually. Given the wide variation between students that are attending school on campus and those that are entirely online, and furthermore, the immense dispersion between time zones that our online students reside in, I wanted to prevent potential logistical problems that may arise as a result of these. The new instructions for your individual presentation are below.


Individually, you will carry out a presentation for 5 minutes. To provide flexibility for people who are carers or may be experiencing health problems, you have a choice to present it live during your tutorial time OR to pre-record it. Our education team will provide a link for you to upload your presentation. I will be present during the live tutorial (online or face-to-face) and will listen to your presentation if you chose to present it in person.


Whatever you chose to do, i.e. present live or submit your presentation as pre-recorded, you do not have to notify me in advance. Again, this is so that you have flexibility in making choices regarding contingencies that may arise in the coming few weeks. If you are presenting live, then just show up to your tutorial. If not, upload your presentation to the link that our team will provide.


Our tutorial system comprises of 8 tutorials in total: teaching for 6 weeks and carrying out assessments for 2 weeks. Therefore, the final 2 weeks of your tutorials will be allocated to these presentations (weeks of 23 – 27 November and 30 November – 4 December).


If you chose to pre-record it, then you do not need to attend the tutorial. Also, if you are not presenting live on that date, you will not need to attend the tutorial either.


Only the individuals that are presenting will attend the tutorials for those weeks.



You will answer the following questions for a company of your choice:


Scenario 1: Incumbent


If you are an incumbent, how do you protect yourself against new entrants?


(i.e. How can traditional taxis protect themselves against Uber?)


Scenario 2: New entrant


If you are a new entrant, how do you overcome barriers to entry?


(i.e. How can Uber enter the market for private transport)


Scenario 3: Imitator


If you are an imitator, how can you survive in an industry driven by innovation?


(i.e. How can Samsung survive in the high-tech industry amongst innovators like Apple?)



Scenario 4: Innovator


If you are an innovator, how can you protect yourself against imitators?


(i.e. How can Apple compete with imitators like Samsung?)


Scenario 5: Traditional technology


If you are the manufacturer of a dominant technology, how do you protect yourself against a disruptive technology?


(i.e. If you are the manufacturer of analog phones, how do you protect yourself against VOIP companies like Skype? Other examples are Traditional (cable) TV versus Pay TV (i.e. Netflix); Traditional banking versus digital banking; Traditional cars versus driverless cars)



Scenario 6: Disruptive technology


If you are the founder/manufacturer of a disruptive technology, how can you enter and compete in new markets?


(i.e. If you are the founder of Skype, how do enter a market dominated by analog phones? Other examples are Pay TV (i.e. Netflix) versus traditional (cable TV); Digital banking versus traditional banking; Driverless cars versus traditional cars)



The specifics of your presentation involve the following:

  • How many slides: Any number of slides.
  • Duration: The total duration of your presentation will be 5 minutes.
  • What will you present? You will present your “answer” to the question. You have complete freedom to include anything and everything to the extent that you wish, as long as it is relevant to your question.
  • Style of the presentation: Your presentation should be as lively and attention-grasping as possible. Try to avoid a lot of text, and instead find visual representations of the things you want to talk about.
  • What is the purpose of your presentation: To communicate credibly that you have learned how to assess strategy and have the ability to talk about it. Think: How can I make my lecturers remember my presentation? Try to make your presentation catchy and aim to stand out from the rest of the class. But, in doing so, be true to your response, do not exaggerate your outcomes, and use visuals that are relevant. Your presentation should be creative, convincing, and credible.

Submission: Our education team will provide a link on the KEATS page for you to upload your assignment.


Mitigating circumstances: If you are facing any mitigating circumstances that prevent you from meeting deadlines, please email regarding these.


Who presents what, and when: I have used the most up-to-date tutorial list that was provided for me but there may be some mismatch due to changing circumstances. If this is the case, then please submit your work/carry out a live presentation according to your tutorial slot and last name.