Individual Project – Real Estate Financing Article Analysis

Individual Project – Real Estate Financing Article Analysis


1. Find a recent article on a practice, activity or aspect of the real estate financing industry that has been substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The article must come from a credible and reputable source.

2. Write a summary highlighting the author’s key points and impact to the real estate financing industry.

3. Provide a reflection on how these changes will potentially affect the real estate financing industry post-COVID-19 pandemics; aka, will this be a permanent change or not and why?

4. Submit through Turnitin on Canvas with the following specifications:

a. Attach a copy of the article or include a link in the reference section.

b. Reference any of the theories or material covered in the course.

c. Include a title page with the article title, your name, course name and date.

d. 2 pages min, 3 pages max, Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pts.