individual time constrained coursework open book


International and Global Marketing Strategy

Assignment 3

CTEST1 – individual time constrained coursework open book 40%

Explain the marketing mix(4P & 4C) for the chosen consumer product enter to a new chosen foreign market.

Chose one consumer product to enter one foreign country.

You should clearly explain theoretical concepts regarding international and global marketing and the complexities of the international environment and applying them specifically to your case.

Approximately 2400 words.

Candidates can include the following factors but not limited to:

  • Introduction – needs to include some literature.
  • Explanation should be related to 4P & 4C factors.
  • Product What products will you market? Does it need to modify anything to enter a foreign country? And why? Link back to related analysis.
  • Price – what sort of level should it be – premium price / low price and why? Explain with related theories. Should be linked back to economic analysis.
  • Place what distribution methods? online shopping? Specialist shop? Supermarkets get wide audience but you have to give some of the profit margins to the supermarkets. Or any places?
  • Promotion how will you promote? Identify target audience and make suggestions of how to develop an integrated communication programme.
  • 4C theories.
  • Any other issue ? Any other related issues after your research?
  • Could add pictures in your explanation.