Individualized Transition Plan


The Individualized Transition Plan Assignment is a more expanded version of the transition requirements contained within a normal IEP.  The purpose of this Individualized Transition Plan Assignment is to provide an opportunity to consider what is contained in a transition plan and how it is based on the needs, skills, interests, and desires of the student.


You are to use the provided Individualized Transition Plan Template and Michael Jones Case Study to complete this Individualized Transition Plan Assignment.

You will complete all setions of the Individualized Transition Plan Template as follows:

· Discuss the student’s perceived skills and strengths.

Identify at least 4 perceived skills and strengths (vocational, social, independent living,

etc.) based on the information provided in the case study.

· Discuss the student’s perceived interests with regard to post-secondary life.

Identify at least 4 perceived interests (vocational, social, independent living, etc.) based on the information provided in the case study.

·  List and discuss four or more tools/tests/exams that could be used to better determine the student’s skills and interests. These should be formal named insruments rather than general descriptions. This may require some research on your part.

· For each of the areas: Course of Study, Employment, Community Experiences, and Daily Living Skills and Nees, you will complete the charts to identify 4 Goals/Desired Outcomes with an Action Plan, Special Education needs, and Agencies Responsible. A brief discussion of each area follows.

Course of Study

This refers to post-secondary educational options. It can include college, adult education, technical schools, specific voaitonal training and placement programs, community based adult day programs, or other educational opportunities. Keep in mind the student’s interests and needs in determining possible courses of study post-high school. Not all educational opportunities are academic.


Employment options to consider are competitive employment, apprenticeship programs, supported job placement; sheltered workshops etc. It is important to keep in mind the student’s abilities as well as his/her interests and desires. In this section you may also identify specific employment skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment as desired outcomes/goals. It is not reasonable to identify four different employment options that are completely unrelated as the student would not likely be able to train and prepare for employment in several different fields.

Community Experiences

Community experiences encompasses a wide range of possible experiences related to residency options, recreational experiences, social relationships, leisure activities and independent living. It is important to consider the student’s interests, abilities and desires in identifying appropriate community experiences.

Daily Livng Skills and Needs

This section includes anything related to daily living, including residency options, insurance, money management, citizenship responsibilities, self care, etc. Students needs and desires should be considered.

In completing the chart for each area you will identify:

Goals/Desired Outcomes – 4 four each area

The desired outcomes identified are for post-high school. They should not include anything that will occur in hig school. In identifying the Goals/Desired outcomes, consider what the vision is for the student based on his/her needs, interests and desires.

Action Plan

This part of the chart identifies what steps will be taken in high school and/or after graduation to assist the student in achieving the desired outcome. This can include specific courses or training the student will need.

Special Education

Identify any disability related skills or needs that require special education attention for the student to achieve the desired outcome. (While not applicable to this assignment, these would be incorporated in IEP goals.)

Agencies Responsible

Identify agencies/organizations/individuals who are primarily responsible for the identified action plans for each goal. Organizations or agencies outside of the school should be included as appropriate.

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