Infliction of Injury to Person’s Health in Sports; Legal Consequences and Recovery Aspects (NURSING SAMPLE PAPER))





Infliction of Injury to Person’s Health in Sports;

Legal Consequences and Recovery Aspects.

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The return of athletic injury can be difficult and a lengthy process. Athletic trainers, physicians are some of the providers that commonly offer care to the injured athlete. The athlete returns to conditioning programs and strength in the recovery process and resume to sport-specific activity. When preparing for the competition, the athletes requires power, agility, speed and the restoration of strength. training of sports at some point may be beyond what the athletes can afford in their medical needs or what they are able to provide. The injured athlete requires additional work in returning from injury for them to regain the ability to compete. When prescribing the exercise, the fundamental component must be emphasizing on the prescription of exercise which are continuously displayed in sports incorporating skills and activities. (Kraemer, Denegar and Flanagan, 2009).

Approval to conduct the study before data collection was obtained from the office of research. Athletes were recruited by use of sampling with a sport participation athletes found in the intramural sport. By use of publically contact available, data through intramural online database program. Researchers use CAP qualitative to have a complex communication of the experience of people on living and to evoke on feelings and emotions from the present study reader. Particular form of CAP is employed by the researchers to to tell story based on empirical data.TO attempt to enhance study quality a flexible list of criteria was employed.

Recommendations, legal and ethical analysis are provided as examples by players for attesting that such situation occurs. Structural conflict is addresses and need to be addressed, Doctor ensures players are receiving their care and compensations and avoid the potential for bias. (Cohen and Deubert, 2017)

A research article refers to a primary source…that the authors use it reports results and methods of a study that is originally performed and studied by the scholars. This study may vary it can have a survey, experiment and interview. Raw data have been collected and analyzed by the researchers, and draw conclusions from the results of an analysis.

A brief often include a review of topic studied and the existing literature, and the rationale of the author’s study is explained. The authors are aware of the studies that exist and demonstrate the awareness of the authors existing study. (Sheakh, 2012)


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