infographic or video presentation:

Follow the instructions below and create an infographic or video presentation:

1. Choose a disease that is the result of one of the following:


o    Chromosome Aberration (could be polyploidy, aneuploidy, abnormalities of chromosome structures

o    Autosomal Dominant Inheritance

o    Autosomal Recessive Inheritance

o    X-Linked Inheritance

o    Multifactorial Inheritance

2. Briefly explain the major signs and symptoms of the disease, the underlying pathology for the disease, and explain the mode of inheritance for the disorder. Keep in mind that your presentation, video, or infographic should be created to teach your fellow learners about the topic.

3. Please create these items using infographics ( (Links to an external site.)) or video ( (Links to an external site.)). If you would like to use a different media source, please email your Instructor first for permission. Powtoon | The World’s First Visual Communication Platform