INFORMATION: concept map

The concept map is intended to practice a visual depiction of one artist’s works as larger conceptual overall system through 20 art-works which are historically most significant. Please present your concept map as one slide of a PowerPoint presentation [or any other digital presentation format] saved as a pdf file. Please note: no SharePoint file, no links will be accepted.



possible topics:








assignment process:

  • pick one artist from the above list [no other artist can be chosen];


  • select 20 images pertaining to the artist’s work; aim for diversity of examples [e.g.

motifs and time-frame: early to late career; influences];


  • place the images in sections within a larger system of connections [all in one slide] in a visually appealing way;


  • label all images: title, date; in case you include other artists who influenced your chosen artist, make sure you add their names, titles, dates as well.


  • explain your selection, placement and connections by identifying the precise association or meaning of individual works, and the relations between images [indicated by colored symbols or lines]. For the associations, meanings and relations please research the artist’s characteristic motifs, topics, methods, impact, but also the influences, development, or changes over the course of the artist’s career. Identify as many themes, ideas and connections as possible, you can use the following list.