Information Systems Management

Question 100% of overall mark
You are an IT consultant who has been contracted to work with an organisation in the
Education industry. You have been asked to provide an assessment of their current
information systems architecture and organisational structure, and suggest possible
optimisations and changes.
In business report format you must provide:
1./ A critical evaluation of the business, the organisation of the IT team(s), and their
current issues (in respect to information technology).

2./ An evaluation of current best practice for information systems management,
from a systems, staff and working processes perspective, focusing specifically on the
Education industry.

3./ Recommendations on what technologies and practices the business may seek to
adopt to improve their current situation.

4./ Recommendations on how the business can manage the changes proposed, and
the appropriate risk mitigation strategies that can be employed when moving to the
new architecture and systems.

Makes as many assumptions about your role as you like in order to build a coherent
business scenario.
References from both academic and commercial sources should be included.