Institutional Treatment Of Criminal Offender – Probation And Intermediate Sanctions.


Write a 6 page paper describing probation and intermediate sanctions. This paper must include 3 references from scholarly articles. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Worth 15% of your overall grade or up to 100 points. The similarity percentage must be 24% or lower for the paper to be accepted. Papers with a percentage of 25% or higher will not be graded and the student will receive a grade of 0. You must follow APA guidelines or points will be deducted. The point system for papers is as follows:

50% – Content – Did the student address the assigned topic? Were the resources used peer reviewed? DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA! If a reference is missing information in order to properly cite the resource then do not use it! No quotations! 12 pt Times New Roman. Only (1) one web reference is allowed. You may not use your textbook as a reference. 25% – Grammar/Writing mechanics – Do not use pronouns

25% – APA – Please invest in the 6th Edition of the manua