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Task Details/Description:


In the role of a marketing consultant you are required to produce a 3000-word outline of an integrated marketing communications plan to identify how Enterprise Car Club in conjunction with property developers target new property buyers to the car sharing provision. You will use an appropriate marketing communications planning framework to create your plan. Specifically, then, your report will include


  1. A full contextual (situational) analysis, including information on the existing target market.
  2. Appropriate marketing communications objectives.
  3. Appropriate marketing communications strategies, including applications of these push, pull and profile strategies.
  4. An efficient and effective integrated marketing communications campaign, including the use of traditional and non-traditional media and descriptions of these elements.
  5. Suitable evaluation and control mechanisms.

Your plan should be informed and justified by a range of academic and practitioner sources, all of which must be appropriately referenced.




Assessment Criteria (and weighting) Tutor Comments
Context Analysis     (25%)                                 

The context analysis is undertaken in a way which demonstrates understanding, critical evaluation and application of relevant models and frameworks along with the collection, synthesis and analysis of reliable secondary data to aid decision making in marketing communications strategies and plans.

Marketing Communications Objectives & Strategies (15%)

Marketing communications objectives and strategies are appropriately set and chosen. Objectives and strategies are informed by the findings of the context analysis

Marketing communications campaign (35%)

Marketing communications theories and techniques are critically evaluated and applied to recommend an effective and efficient marketing communications campaign, including a clear, relevant and engaging message, appropriate creative format, and, the use of traditional and non-traditional tools and media. A sound and convincing rationale for the proposed integrated marketing communications plan is given, which is informed by secondary data and interpretation of the context. (The communications plan is for 12 months)


Evaluation and control recommendations (15%)

Suitable mechanisms are proposed for how the marketing communications campaign could be evaluated, if implemented.

Presentation (10%).

Presented in a professional manner,  adheres to a logical structure and Harvard referencing is accurate throughout. Where relevant, creative visuals are used as a way of helping to communicate the marketing communications recommendations.


Mark and Grade  



Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:


  • Critically discuss marketing communication theories and techniques.
  • Synthesise and use a wide range of marketing data and information to aid successful decision making in marketing communications strategies and plans.
  • Demonstrate the ability to practically use and apply marketing communications theories, techniques and data to create effective marketing communications campaigns.
  • Show and exhibit the ability to communicate key arguments in an appropriate and professional way.





Presentation Requirements:


The word limit for the assignment is 3,000 words (excluding references, figures visuals & tables). Any of the above mentioned must be implemented in the appendices and referred to in the main body of the work.  Size 12 font in Arial & double line spaced.





Assessment Weighting for the Module:







Assessment Criteria


Grading matrix will provide guidelines for assessment criteria.