Interior Design Profession + Ethics Internet Research

Select ONE option and write a minimum of three paragraphs.

1. Do an Internet search and research the topic “Profession” and “Professionals”.


2. Use a search engine such as Google and see what comes up for the list of names provided at the beginning of this chapter (Charles Percier, Pierre-Francois-Leonard Fontaine, Elise de Wolfe, Bauhaus, Dorothy Draper…..). What did you find out about these people and groups?


3. Investigate the US Department of Labor Statistics (or other appropriate agencies) to report on projected growth of the interior design profession over the next ten years.


4. Search the Internet for examples of Codes of Ethics from other associations or organizations in business or the design industry. Note that some may not be available to non-members.  Investigate if the groups publish any examples of disciplinary action related to ethical violations.


5. Research a state attorney general’s web site to see if there are laws or regulations that impact the ethical behavior (related to the ID professional associations code of conduct) of interior designers in that state.

Copy and paste the URL(s) from the website(s) used for your research at the bottom of your paper.

 Only submit .pdf files. 

Work saved as .ZIP, or other files will not be graded.