International Business

Assignment Task


You need to answer the following 4 questions by making full use of what you have learned in this module as well as all the materials available on various sources. The word limit for each question is 500 words (± 10%) and the total word limit for this assignment is 2000 words (± 10%). Please provide the word count per question on the script. The deadline: 1pm on 1st April 2021.

Q1. You can choose any international company, who has faced anyone of the country risks: political, economic, operational or competitive, in the last 12 months in one of the following regions: 1) South America, 2) Africa, 3) Central Asia, and 4) the Middle East. Identifyanalyse and manage the risk as if you were employed as a consultant by your chosen company. Any risk management technique which has already been adopted and utilised by the chosen company will NOT be accepted in your answer. (500 words)

Q2. You have been promoted to HR Director in the Swedish company which manufactures and sells the medical equipment (MRI scanner). Being very hi-tech, the equipment has until now been made in Sweden by the company’s skilled team. Your employer has just purchased a factory in Mexico for the manufacture of medical equipment that has been selling well in the USA. There is a budget for three expatriate managers to be sent to manage its operation in Mexico for four years. The CEO has asked you to recommend the job title for three expatriates with your justification for each job title and prepare a plan to help these expatriates’ early settlement in Mexico. (500 words)

Q3. Choose any international company that has outsourced one of its business functions to a local company in their international operation (For example: DHL’s use of local Indian company for its inbound freight distribution in India) and critically discuss the benefits and drawbacks of its outsourcing arrangement with the local company. An outsourcing arrangement between the two companies should be post 2010. (500 words)


Q4. Recently, a notion of ‘Industry 4.0’ or ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ has become of the centre of attention in the business world. Some associated technologies, such as additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, Drones, IoT, Blockchain, and AI, have been rapidly developing and many firms are contemplating different ways to exploit these technologies. Choose any international company utilising one of these technologies and discuss their journey in moving away from its traditional business to more sustainable business. (500 words)

Notes for all questions

·         The list of references should appear at the end of each question.

·         Executive summary is not required

·         Tables and figures used in your answer will NOT be a part of word count.


Marking Criteria

Section/element Allocated Marks
Demonstration of integrated knowledge 20%
Ability to provide an argument in a logical and clear manner 20%
Convincing evidence to support your argument 20%
Relating your discussion to at least one case study discussed in the class 30%
Referencing, structure, language and presentation of the answer 10%
Penalty (if any) for exceeding word count – note faculty writing guide states:

Any reports which are more than 10% over the specified word count will only be marked up to the word count limit + 10%. The rest of the work will not be marked.

Please note that these criteria apply to all the questions