International Financial Management Exam


Academic Integrity Declaration

By commencing and/or submitting this assessment I agree that I have read and understood the University’s policy on academic integrity.Links to an external site.

I also agree that:

  1. Unless paragraph 2 applies, the work I submit will be original and solely my own work (cheating);
  2. I will not seek or receive any assistance from any other person (collusion) except where the work is for a designated collaborative task, in which case the individual contributions will be indicated; and,
  3. I will not use any sources without proper acknowledgment or referencing (plagiarism).
  4. Where the work I submit is a computer program or code, I will ensure that:
    1. any code I have copied is clearly noted by identifying the source of that code at the start of the program or in a header file or, that comments inline identify the start and end of the copied code; and
    2. any modifications to code sourced from elsewhere will be commented upon to show the nature of the modification.

This exam opens at 9.00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Friday 03/07/2020 in Canvas ( The exam must be completed by 3.15 PM AEST on Friday 03/07/2020. This exam has 15 minutes of reading time, 120 minutes of writing time and 15 minutes of time allocated to submitting your written answers. You have a 6 hour window in which to complete and submit the exam.

Exam Instructions.

This is an open book exam.

This exam has a time limit of 150 minutes. It is suggested that you use the first 15 minutes for reading time, 120 minutes for answering the examination questions and leave an allocation of 15 minutes for uploading and submitting written answers to Section B.

This exam has two sections.  Answer every question from both sections.

  • Section A contains 15 multiple choice questions. Each question in Section A is worth 3 marks. Answer Section A directly in the Canvas Quiz.
  • Section B consists of four questions (with multiple sub-parts) that require short written answers to be uploaded into Canvas (details below). There is a total of 55 marks in Section B.

Write your answers to Section B in the Answer Booklet provided to you ahead of the exam (and also available here 

).  Submit your answers to Section B according to the instructions that have been circulated in advance of the exam and repeated below:

  1. You may either write your answers to Section B using a digital device, then upload and submit them as a single PDF to the final question (Question 16) in the Canvas Quiz  OR
  2. Write your answers by hand in a pre-printed copy of this answer booklet, scan all pages of the booklet as one PDF file and upload and submit this to the final question (Question 16) in the Canvas quiz

Do not photograph your handwritten answers, you must scan your work using a scanner or mobile devices via a scanner app and upload a single PDF document.  Detailed instruction about scanning on mobile devices have been made available on the LMS prior to this exam and are also available here: to an external site.

Write your student ID number on  the front page of the answer booklet and all pages of the answer booklet that you use.

All answers to questions in Section B must be handwritten, typed answers will be awarded zero marks. It is recommended to use a black pen to write your answer in this booklet as it helps to reduce the file size when you scan.

Upload all pages of the answer booklet as a single PDF file to the final question in the Canvas Quiz before the end of the exam.  Ensure that you press submit after you upload the file. It is your responsibility to ensure that the pages are arranged in order.  Make sure you leave sufficient time to scan and upload your booklet.

All answers submitted must be clear and legible.

The final exam is moderated.  During the final exam, please log your concern via the Canvas discussion board in the first instance: Please contact: 13MELB (+61 3 9035 5511) for assistance during the exam if you are experiencing technical difficulties. They will be able to contact your examiner during the duration of the examination.  Do not contact your lecturer during the examination period.

Collusion between students is strictly forbidden and will result in very serious consequences.