Internet Governance

Internet Policy Proposal PowerPoint



8 slides (reference/cover doesn’t count)

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This week we will be utilizing technology in more depth to complete our assignment.  You are being asked to create a PowerPoint presentation which will either propose a CHANGE an Internet policy, OR propose a NEW Internet policy.  The purpose of changing or creating a new policy should ensure society’s right to privacy and safety are protected through our internet utilization.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be no less than 8 slides.

All resources utilized to complete the presentation should be listed on a references page on the final slide, in addition to providing proper in-text citations within individual slides.

To begin:

·  Determine an internet privacy/safety policy, law, or rule you would like to change or create.

·  This can be a policy which impacts society overall (i.e. Internet Privacy Bill, Net Neutrality Rules, Social Media rules, etc.), or a policy specific to your own work environment.

·  Hint – our textbook provides some great starting guidelines.

·  You will more than likely need to do a bit of research to fully understand the policy you’d like to change or create.

Questions/Information to address within your presentation:

·  Explain a brief introduction of the policy you are proposing to change or create (this may take 2-3 slides depending on the policy).

·  Share the reasoning for WHY you want to change or create this policy (should be at least one slide).

·  Clarify who will benefit from the changes or creation of this policy (should be at least one slide).

·  Consider who may challenge this proposed policy change or new policy, and share what components he/she/they may object to.

·  Provide key ideas or points on how you would overcome those challenges (may take 2-4 slides to fully address both variables for criteria #4 and #5).

·  Conclude with 1-2 slides summarizing why you feel this proposed change or new policy should be implemented, and what first step should take place to begin this process.

·  Don’t forget a final slide as the References Page listing any outside resources used.