Intersectional Analysis Of Coronavirus

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In a 350-word post, please answer the following questions in essay format (rather than numbered responses to the questions):

What are some of the global efforts taking place right now to combat coronavirus? (Do some research and give some examples; don’t just wing this off the top of your head! Look into mass closures of schools, institutions, events, and borders. Look at countries being impacted.)
How are these efforts impacting different communities? (Think about what happens when schools, institutions, and borders close. What does this mean for people who are “closed out”? Who is most negatively impacted by being “closed out”…or “closed in”? Who is doing the “clean up” of coronavirus?)
Think about different communities and how they are either marginalized or privileged by race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, age, etc. How are those group differently experiencing this virus and efforts to combat it? (Do some research and give some examples. Don’t just wing it!).
Overall, what do you think the long-term social, cultural, and economic effects of this global pandemic might be? (This should be based on your own critical thinking, but also do some research!)
BE SURE to relate your discussion to concepts, terms and scholars we’ve discussed throughout the course.

If you refer to any research (and you definitely MUST!) please include the link, and direct us to the article(s), so that we can all have a nice collection of intersectional research and articles covering this unprecedented issue!