Introduction to Health Service Administration

Florida National University

HAS 3111 Introduction to Health Service Administration

Assignment 1


Read Carefully the Power Point Presentations and answer the following questions

Chapter 1:

1. Summary the Development of Health Care from 1850-Present

2. Name the Three Perspectives on the American Health Care System

3. Name the five individual sub-systems in the U.S. health care system

4. Explain the Employment-related system

5. Explain the Poor and uninsured system

6. Explain the Veterans Administration system

7. Explain the Worker’s compensation system

8. Explain the Active duty military system

9. Explain the Management Strategy Perspective

10. Explain the Clinical Perspective


Chapter 2: Technology in the United States Health Care System

1. Classify the Healthcare Technology by Industrial Group

2. Name the three Stages in Development of Medical Technologies

3. Explain the role of the Food and Drug Administration

4. Explain the Preclinical Testing

5. Explain Phase I through IV and their purpose

6. Drug Development Process

7. Explain briefly the request for Technology Assessment

8. Name the differential Impacts of Technology on Health Care

9. Explain the Impact on Individual Patients and Insurance Beneficiaries

10. Explain the Societal and Governmental Policy Impact