Introduction To Health



Job Description 10

Describe the limits of authority and responsibility – legislated “scope of practice” for this health care career 5

Describe the “Code of Ethics” for this health care occupation 5

Education 15

Describe the educational requirements for the profession/occupation 5

Identify the professional certification or registration required 5

What degree or certification can be earned for this health care career? 5

Job Outlook and Employment 20

What is the job availability for this profession? How many jobs are expected to become available? 5

Number of jobs advertised locally for example in the Sunday Herald or other publication 5

Is experience required for the jobs? How much? Explain. 5

What are some advancement opportunities, two or more, with or without additional education 5

Professional Activities 10

Local, state or national professional organizations and the cost to join as a student. 5

Continuing education units (CEUs) required for this profession. How many and how often? Describe 2 or more ways that members of a professional organization can gain continuing education requirements and earn CEUs


Healthcare Professional “Inner-view” 10

Conduct an interview with a healthcare professional (in-person, by phone or virtually) 5

How would they describe a typical day at work? What advice would they give you as you enter the profession? 5

Conclusion/Reflection 10

Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. What are your attributes, experiences or influences? 5

Describe your personal career short– and long-term plans. Include steps, goals, objectives, and strategies. 5

Presence 15

Clear and understandable 5

Professional appearance and well prepared presentation. 5

Used media or a PowerPoint presentation 5

Point values

5 points Completely Covered—4 points Covered Well– 3 points Covered Fairly 2 points Partially Covered— 1 points Minimally Covered—0 Not Covered