introduction to history and philosophy of science

HPS100 Research Report


Student Number:



Time and Place



Short Description of Proposed Project



People’s Beliefs About the Subject in that Time and Place



Tools and Materials



Rough Research Plan



Justification of Project to the Community




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Research Report Rubric /100

Writing /25

  • Are the sentences grammatical and properly spelled?
  • Are paragraph breaks used appropriately?
  • Is the writing clear and simple?


Citations /25

  • Are the important historical claims cited properly?
  • Are the citations formatted in the specified way, using Word’s citation functions?
  • Are there sufficient sources to cover the major claims in the research?
  • Are there at least 5 scholarly citations used?


Originality /25

  • Does the report show a creative approach to the question?
  • Is the report reasonably unique amongst others, in at least some aspects?


Viability of the Proposal /25

  • Does the justification to the community sound like it would be convincing?
  • Does the project sound within the realm of possibility, assuming the community buys in?
  • Does the proposal draw on materials and tools that would be available in that time and place?