Introduction To Philosophy

Topic/instructions: Read p. 1 through the top of p. 8 (up until the ‘Reason Substitutes’ heading) in the attached document, which is a part of Chapter 1 of John Mullen’s Hard Thinking.  Write a short journal essay of 400 – 500 words that treats both (a) and (b) below.  This journal is due by no later than 11:30 pm on Saturday, 10/10.

You can organize your writing on (a) and (b) as you like.  But to write a good journal piece, my recommendation is that you treat both (a) and (b) substantially, so that you have a balanced journal.  Also, even though this a short journal assignment, paragraphing can be helpful for organizing your thoughts and making transitions, and I recommend that your think about writing your journal in 2-3 paragraphs, rather than just one long paragraph.

(a) Would Plato agree or disagree with Mullen?  Would he agree with some ideas that Mullen discussed regarding ‘hard thinking’, ‘soft thinking’, and reasoning,  but perhaps not with others?  Why?

(b) What would Plato say about the Rob-Harry conversation?  Why?

Making references: If you make a specific reference to the Mullen reading, just make an in-text, parenthetical page reference, such as: (Mullen, 4).  If you make a specific reference to Plato, do the same using our class text, such as: (Melchert & Morrow, 152).