Introduction to Strategy

21510: Introduction to Strategy
Summer Semester 2020/2021
Assessment task 3: Final Exam (Individual) – 40%
This examination will be made available online at 9.30am on 18th February 2021
Your completed answer file is due at 9.20 am on 19th February 2021 and must be
submitted online via the Turnitin link which can be found in the Assignments folder on
Blackboard. Please note your first upload is your final upload (multiple submission are
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There is ONE question. Each page of your answer should be sequentially numbered
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The examination is worth 40% of the marks available for this subject.
This examination is an open book examination.
The examination is expected to take approximately 2 to 3 hours of working time. You
are advised to allocate your time accordingly. Your answer file may be submitted at
any time before the due time. Please allow time to complete the submission process.
Please submit your file as a PDF/Word etc format. Please name your file as follows:
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Word Limit
There is a word limit for the question of 1000 words. Footnotes/references are not
included in the word count. The most important thing is to answer the question in a
succinct manner. This means that your answer can consist of a word count less than
the imposed word limit. A ten percent (10%) leeway on the word count is permitted.
Marks will only be considered for a maximum of 1000 words +10% no marks will be
allocated for additional words that exceed the designated limit.
References must be used for citation purposes including the development and
statements of your argument. A bibliography is not compulsory for this assessment.
Important Notice – Exam Conditions and Academic Integrity
In attempting this examination and submitting an answer file, candidates are
acknowledging that the work they submit is a result of their own unaided efforts and
that they have not discussed the questions or possible answers with other persons
during the examination period. Candidates who are found to have participated in any
form of cooperation or collusion or any activity which could amount to academic
misconduct in the answering of this examination will have their marks withdrawn and
disciplinary action will be initiated on a complaint from the Examiner.
Exam answers must be submitted via Turnitin. Staff may request that a student
undertake an oral test to ensure they have completed the work on their own and to
assess their knowledge of the answers they have submitted.
Students must not post any requests for clarification on the Discussion Boards on
Blackboard, Canvas or Microsoft Teams. Any requests for clarification should be
directed by email to David Bickett at
Should clarification be required it will be broadcast by email to all students in the exam
group by David Bickett who will be available for the first hour of the examination
time only.
Further Information:
• The exam is worth 40%
• There is one compulsory question
Please Note:
1. Your completed exam MUST be submitted online through Turnitin. Only
answers submitted through Turnitin will be marked
2. Please DON’T email your answer to your Tutor or anyone. Only exams
submitted through Turnitin will be marked
3. Submission deadline will NOT be extended. All answers MUST be submitted
within the 24hours timeframe – completion time is 09:20 am 19th February (no
4. If you have any difficulties uploading your completed exam on time through
Turnitin, then and only then, e-mail a copy to David Bickett before the deadline
time of 09:20 am on the 19th February 2021.
Important: Please ensure that if you copy and paste materials from the internet
or other sources they must not be plagiarised and consequently they must
be appropriately academically referenced.
Exam Question:
Amazon is considering establishing a research and development (R&D) facility in Australia
with its prime focus on artificial intelligence (AI). It is considering the locations of Canberra or
Sydney. The research facility will require a strategic alliance with a suitable University in one
of these locations.
As the strategic decision maker for Amazon, you are required to determine and then
recommend either Canberra or Sydney as the preferred location for Amazon’s research facility
together with a suitable strategic alliance University partner. In doing so, you must provide the
reasons for your strategic choices.
To answer this question, you must consider and use the most appropriate strategic
frameworks and tools based on what you have learnt in 21510 Introduction to Strategy and
then make your final recommendation grounded on the strategic insights you have
To obtain maximum marks you must consider the resources, capabilities, business culture,
plus other relevant strategic influencing factors that will support your recommendation.