Introductory Microeconomics


This assignment is worth [10%] of your overall grade for this unit. Please see the assignment rubric for the weightings of each assessment criterion.


This assignment has the following requirements:

Assignment Type  Individual assessment.

Please be reminded that collusion and/or plagiarism are/is a violation of academic integrity, and will incur a penalty.

You may not ask or engage another person/party to provide you with any content for your assignment. The contents of your assignment must be original and of your effort alone.

Response Format  Essay.
Response Specifications



Word limit:  1,500 words (maximum).

There is no minimum – however, you should expect your marks to be commensurate with the quality of your assignment’s content.

Due Date


Submission deadline is at 11:59 PM (Malaysia time) on Monday, 6th September 2021.

Any submission beyond the stated deadline will incur a penalty of 1% per day based on Malaysia-time, inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

Submission Process


Go to Moodle, click on Assessments, and scroll down to the section for Assignment.

Submit your assignment work to the assigned folder labelled “Assignment Submission (for grading)”.

Your submission must be accompanied by the Assessment Cover Sheet (duly completed and signed) that provided in Moodle for this purpose.

This cover-sheet should be submitted as a separate document from the main Assignment content (i.e. do not combine them as one).

You are allowed to submit only 2 files (either MS Word or PDF):

1.      Assessment cover sheet,

2.      Assignment content.



You may submit only once.

Submission is final – once submitted, you may not retrieve nor resubmit any part of your assignment.

Submission my email will not be accepted.


Assignment Instructions

Pick a large or important market in Malaysia (if you are a Malaysian student or an international student), or your own country (if you are an international student), and analyse how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected this particular market.

In your analysis, you are expected to use (hypothetical) demand and supply curves, and explain:

  • What happened to the market demand, supply and price.
  • Whether/how you think that the elasticity of demand and/or elasticity of supply might have changed;


  • Whether there are any externalities in the market that might have been reduced/increased by the Covid-19 pandemic. (Explain how/why).



  • Select a market in which you can discuss all three questions above.
  • You must specify the good/service produced in this market.

For example, a food-delivery market, or a construction-labour market, or a market for plastic-bags, or travel/tourism, or computers, or public-bus transportation, etc.

You do not have to pick one of the markets stated here. You are free to select any market that fulfils the description stated above.


Note:  It is possible that the market of your choice might not be a competitive market (i.e. it could be monopolistic, or oligopolistic). However, we would not have reached that part of the syllabus yet before the submission deadline. Therefore, for the purpose of this assignment only, you may analyse your chosen market as a competitive market (for now), regardless of whether it actually is or not.


  • Better answers would be supported by some relevant citations or data from a credible source.
  • All diagrams must be properly labelled, and sources must be properly cited.




50 % Application of economic analysis/concept.  Quality of analysis.  Use of illustrations/diagrams (only where applicable).
10 % The answer(s) fulfilled the brief.
20 % Clarity of explanation;  Flow or arrangement of content;  Grammar and spelling.

Overall quality of the assignment work.

20 % Originality of work (compared with other submissions).

Followed all citation, formatting and submission instructions.

100 % TOTAL




  • Font: Either  Arial  or  Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12, with 1.5 spacing
  • All pages must be numbered at the bottom.
  • All diagrams, tables and other illustrations must be properly-labelled.
  • All citations should be properly referenced.
  • Include a “Reference” section at the end of your assignment.
  • Total word count must be indicated on the first page.
    • The reference section is not included in the total word count.
    • Word limit: 1,500 words (maximum). There is no minimum – however, you should expect your marks to be commensurate with the quality of your assignment’s content.
  • Reduce the use of footnotes and appendices, where possible.
  • Images of sentences, paragraphs, or analyses are strictly not allowed. These should always be type-written first-hand into the Assignment document for submission.
    • Violation of this instruction may earn you a zero-mark (resubmission is not allowed).
    • Images are allowed only for diagrams, graphs, tables and mathematical equations.
  • Sign and date the Assessment coversheet (use template from Moodle).


  • Turnitin similarity-threshold = 10%. To reduce your Turnitin similarity rating, please do this:  You are allowed to submit only 2 documents in total, therefore please follow these two steps:
    • Submit your Coversheet together with your Reference section as one document – so that any high similarity-rating here does not matter.
    • Submit your Main content as a separate document – so that the similarityrating for this section is more accurate and lower.
    • You may submit your documents either in MS Word or PDF version (equally acceptable).