Investigative Report

a. Analyze the mentioned report according to the following criteria.

1. What cultural perspectives are reflected in the report?

2. What could be the causes of the behaviors identified by the report?

3. What are the structural, procedural and cultural alternatives that should be promoted before the


b. Explain what is the theory about the democratic state that underlies the text of the report. Use the concept of power discussed in the report and explain how the identity of the state relates to the use of that power. Analyze the way in which the power, abuse of power and the identity of the democratic state are related to the way in which the strategies of the state are in turn causes of crime.

c. A. Identify the groups that are victims of civil rights violations.

B. How do the different groups participate in the criminal justice processes in Puerto Rico?

C. How do the acts of the police reported in the report affect public opinion regarding the people’s trust in

legal institutions?