Investment Management

HTMW Trading Game Rubric

Paper Use APA format but will not grade on that

Due end Friday 10th September 2021. Midnight

Part 2 – Final Report 15%

Report to summarize your trades during the term

Q.1. 20% What were your trades? How much cash did you keep and why?

Q.2. 30% Why did you do them? Summary of weekly HTMW Forum Posts

Q.3. 30% What theories are applicable to your portfolio?


· Beta?

· DDM?

· Bond Pricing?

· Pricing of Options Puts, Calls, Futures?

Q.4. 20% Application of theory

· Calculate CAPM

· Calculate Beta

· Other Calcs



Answer the above questions by using the below table.


  Company names PURCHASED Stocks
Week1 Canada Tire Corp (CTC) 3 stocks
Week2 Bank Nova Scotia (BNS) 10 stocks
Week 3 Cornerstone Building Brands Inc(CNR) 10 stocks
Week 4 TESLA (TSLA) Dollarama (DOL) 2 stocks

10 stocks

Week 5 Shopify Inc (SHOP) 2 stocks
Week 6 AT&T Inc (T) 20 stocks
Week 7 Parkland (PKI) 20 stocks
Week 8 Alphabet (Goog) 5 stocks
Week 9 Walmart (WMT) 20 stocks
Week 10 Facebook (FB) 50 stocks








Initial Cash C$100,000.00
Cash Balance C$86,439.76
Short Proceeds C$0.00
Loan Balance C$0.00
Interest Earned on Cash C$435.69
Interest Charged on Loan C$0.00
Restricted Funds C$42,657.95

Buying Power

Buying Power C$186,906.25
Trades Made 11
Trades Allowed 2489

Market Value

Market value of Long Positions C$14,026.73
Market value of Short Positions C$0.00
Net Market Value of all Positions C$14,026.73


Portfolio Value C$100,447.74
Percentage Return 0.45%
SPY ETF % Return 4.10%
SPY ETF at start date C$432.93
Current SPY ETF C$451.46


Total Commission C$220.00
Total Dividends C$0.00